WarioWare Smooth Moves knows if you're dancing

The latest installment in the series, WarioWare Smooth Moves for the Wii, can apparently tell if you are following all the dance moves displayed on the screen, including foot tapping movements...

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MicroGamer4321d ago

I don't understand how it can what you're doing with the hand that doesn't have a controller in it let alone how it can tell you're not moving your feet.

eepiccolo4321d ago

Once again, SAGN shows how stupid they are. It's obvious the only moves the game really cares about are the highlighted ones where there's a bullseye around the remote, and you hear the ding, or clap. Those are the moves where you either hit you hip, or stick out your arm.

It also seems to care about a general movement you make, but it's not detecting your freaking footsteps!

And in case I didn't make it clear in my first sentence, SAGN has been putting out some really stupid stuff, and I can't stand them. They don't have any legitimacy in my eyes.

Harry4320d ago

What twat keeps using SAGN news?