Progress Bar Radio: What's The Point Of A Level Only 1% Can Beat?

The Witness has a level that only 1% of players will be able to beat. What's the point of that? Is Jonathan Blow calling out YouTube and walkthrough users?

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isarai1743d ago

That's like asking what the point is in having all this unexplored land and ocean mass on earth, might as well get rid if it right?

It's about the mystery, the sense of adventure, and the whole "what's beyond this door, corner or obstacle" that drives you forward to discover more. I'm seriously shocked at just how many people don't have and/or understand this basic human instinct to explore and discover

sirkibble21743d ago

That's also like making a part of the world so inaccessible only 1% of the world will see it. So it still raises the question of "What's the point?"

Might as well experience it vicariously through someone else, right?

We like exploring and discovering. But we also to actually discover. We like to see what we're adventuring towards. If I have a 99% chance of NOT seeing the fruit of my labor, I'll likely not waste my time.

BitbyDeath1742d ago

I'm intrigued to know what lies at the bottom of some of our oceans which is currently inaccessible to humans.

UkrainianWarrior1742d ago

Bitby - what? They have special submersibles for that.

isarai1741d ago

There are massive amounts of land that humans have NEVER set foot on, and if you could see what you were adventuring towards, well then it really isn't adventuring then is it?

jb2271742d ago

Exactly....what's the point? A true challenge. What's the point of the lottery? Pretty sure less than 1% of players will ever hit the jackpot, but people keep trying anyway. How reliable is 1% anyway? Who's to say that a lot of people don't work very hard at being in that 1% which may expand it? Seems like that's a theoretical number anyway.

SpinalRemains1381742d ago

Separate the men from the boys.

1742d ago
VerminSC1742d ago

I read somewhere that only a very small % of people beat the souls games on newgame + ...It's just there for people who want the extra challenge. If anything, its something good, not bad.

TheColbertinator1742d ago

For those who seek the challenge from the day like those who took the skill to defeat Battletoads,Ninja Gaiden II and Chakan

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The story is too old to be commented.