Fallout 4: Free Regular Updates; Season Pass will be 30$

First up, the game will be getting regular free updates that "come with not just fixes, but new features." The post cites examples like Skyrim's mounted combat, legendary mode, kill cams, visual enhancements and more, with fan input playing a key role in deciding what's created.

As for paid DLC, the studio doesn't know what it is yet, but a $30 Season Pass will apparently net you all of it. It'll start rolling out early next year, andt he post explains, "Based on what we did for Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim, we know that it will be worth at least $40, and if we do more, you'll get it all with the Season Pass."

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DarkOcelet1745d ago

I really dont get why people are giving Bethesda hell over Fallout 4 Season pass which is 30$ and fully knowing they can deliver great dlc when games like Battlefield/COD/AC and Arkham Knight have season passes/premium that costs more but gives you crap.

Should they have announced the Season Pass after the game is released? Yes, that is preferred but we all knew it was coming. They always release dlc for their games and usually the value of their dlc is always great.

If anyone is bothered by this particual season pass, then simply wait till the inevitable GOTY Edition.

DragonbornZ1745d ago

True. And considering that it doesn't even go on sale till next year, I dunno what people are complaining about.

NukaCola1744d ago

I'll pay $30 because Fallout 3 and New Vegas had 4 DLC pscks each that were all outstanding. So it's a buy 3 get 1 free early deal. I would be disappointed though if they added things that are not story related, like building materials, costume packs etc.

Piffgaming1745d ago

Battlefield Premium is by far the best season pass deal. BF4 was a launch title and we are STILL getting content today.

DarkOcelet1745d ago

But can you say the same about Hardline?

_-EDMIX-_1744d ago

Well...they both are. They are giving you extra content at a fair price. I got 200 plus hours in BF4 before any DLC, I put 80 plus hours in Fallout 3 before any DLC was bought. I think many just whine and cry over it based on feeling they must be given all content for if they work to get paid less or something.

The reality cost less now then years prior, games cost more to MAKE NOW then years prior...soooooooooo why should this team continue to work for less money? They are correct to have extra content for those who want to buy the extra content, I mean...if they are jokenly telling you the base game is 400 legit got to be kidding me if your going to cry and complain about extras your not getting based on being charged for.

This team and many, many teams create good DLC and I think folks really need to stop crying over its existent and start really judging its quality. They are not going to put that stuff in the game for free just because as I'm pretty doubtful that millions and millions of extra sales will come rolling in because of that.

Beyond DLC junk...people still subjectively play games, its not as if someone is not buying this game because it has DLC coming up for it. They stand to lose more money not making it charged for then giving it for free.

What folks don't like about it is pure greed and entitlement, they some how want a Fallout 4 game...all free post launch content, but get this....for $60. IF someone can get that....thats nice, more power to them, nut that isn't really realistic in terms of how gaming is currently.

These are the cheapest we've ever had games PERIOD! That is a FACT! Enjoy it now before game prices raise next gen as when they raise...expect DLC to still exist, its not as if it will stop extra content from existing, even when we had expensive games....they still got other "editions" at full price.

ThunderPulse1744d ago

Yeah it was definitely worth the money.

Piffgaming1745d ago


its too early to tell. i sold my hardline copy before the dlc dropped. but theyve gotten i think 8 new maps already and a bunch of new guns but i cant say for sure since i dont got my hands on it

Grap1744d ago

I told you guys after Witcher 3 and CDPR treatment with their fans they are the benchmark for this generation, that's why people are giving Bethesda hell.

IIFloodyII1744d ago

They did a season pass and promised free content before release, I don't see the difference here.

_-EDMIX-_1744d ago

How? Explain bud? Those who keep saying that seem to be they very young gamers that have either not grown up gaming for very long or have short memories.

CDPR still has paid expansions coming, their free content isn't even near some of the free content other games have received ie Mass Effect series getting missions, COD and BF series getting free maps etc.

Those who keep making it sound as if this is unheard of...merely read a bit too much into media bs, do the damn research for yourself to see JUST HOW MANY developers give free content, not just some times EVERY ENTRY!

Yet....your crying based on Fallout 4? Yet...Fallout 4 is giving free content too, has paid expansions too.

Soooooo really explain away your difference and please tell me how what CDPR is doing is some how different then what we've had in gaming in the past?

solar1744d ago

Valve has been giving fans free content way before CDPR was around. notice how both Valve and CDPR are independent companies with no publisher breathing down their necks.

SUCKxITxEZ1744d ago

@EDMIX- when does CoD ever get free maps?

_-EDMIX-_1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )


@Solar- yet companies like Ubisoft, Activision and EA still give free content with many games.

I don't think being "independent" has much to do with it as this practice as been around for quite some time. From both independent and owned developers alike.

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IIFloodyII1744d ago

I don't see why people should just give Bethesda a free pass either, (not referring to you) if you have a problem with other companies announcing season passes before release, you should with every company doing it. Personally I don't really care, I'll wait until the DLCs are done or until the season pass is on sale and buy it then.

_-EDMIX-_1744d ago

" if you have a problem with other companies announcing season passes before release, you should with every company doing it"


" Personally I don't really care " 100% agreed!

Why is it that folks even care when they are announcing it? OH please get your moral junk out of business practices please.

I don't get why many keep adding emotion, persona feelings with business practices. What laws where broken? What was taken away from you? You tears....wipe them and move on.

Too many on here are legit children and have this idea that the "right" um "moral" and "just" thing to do is not say anything about it to feed their ignorance on business.

As if its not that its already been made....OH its that its being announced before it if the real problem is knowing it exist before the game comes out.

Soooooo exactly what is it doing to you thats hurting you? It sounds like perception and ignorance at its finest.

Apparently companies should not market DLC before the game comes out as to make certain gamers feel better...

I see many are forgetting that this is still a business, they don't make games just for fun, pretty sure they have bills to pay and debts to pay off, mind you..both CDPR and Bethesda are both independent teams

Viper71744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Because Season passes and pre-order bonuses (DLC) are cancer for gaming in general. It divides the content and promotes downright idiotic consumer behavior.

These simply do not benefit consumers in any way, it's just their way to milk money from consumers on advance where consumer doesn't really have even vague glue on how much content there will be and will all of it be good.

Compare this to expansion packs made for Oblivion, Morrowind, Diablo3, Warcraft etc. From consumer perspective they are superior in every possible way.

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SnotyTheRocket1744d ago

Woah, don't be hating Battlefield. BF4 Premium is great.

DarkOcelet1744d ago

Sorry, i was mainly talking about Hardline since its base content didnt justify the 60$ at all and nor does its premium membership.

_-EDMIX-_1743d ago

Agreed, best in the business.

Piffgaming1744d ago

Yes I dont understand this people dont even know what the season pass includes yet and they wanna trash them. some gamers are so ignorant

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Rookie_Monster1744d ago

Season pass looks like it is here to stay. At least FO3 expansions were pretty awesome so hopomg this would be the same.

Findingcrybabies1744d ago

I've learned my lesson with Bethesda games. NEVER buy any of their games new. Wait until you can get the game of the year edition with all the content. At least by then, while the game will still have numerous bugs and glitches it will at least be "finished" and "playable"

Yui_Suzumiya1744d ago

I bought Fallout 3 and New Vegas at launch on PS3 and had little to no problems.

TheSaint1744d ago

If there is one dev that I still have confidence in it's Bethesda, they haven't steered me wrong even once...... If you forget about horse armour.

luckytrouble1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Free new features with the fixes? Who wants to sing along with me?

99 troublesome bugs in the code
99 troublesome bugs
Take one down, pass fixes around
205285825 troublesome bugs in the code