NASCAR: Major Updates Announced For NASCAR '15 Game

Can you taste victory? Get behind the wheel and race against some of the fastest, most talented drivers in the world in NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition. Start as a rookie and create your own NASCAR legacy, or take the wheel from your favorite driver and battle it out against your rivals. Featuring all of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ tracks, NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition has an authentic feel with competitive gameplay.

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crazychris41241211d ago

36 paint schemes are already free so what exactly are they adding to this "victory edition"? Im sure the 'surprises' are just a couple new drivers. These idiots have been hyping up nothing since the 1st game. Glad to see this company was fired, entire series since 2011 has been mediocre at best. Bugs that were in the 2011 game are in 2015 too. But what do you expect from the company that made Ride to Hell: Retribution, the worst game of 2013.

thorstein1210d ago

I honestly can't believe they can't make a game as fun and involved as 2004.

otherZinc1210d ago

The NASCAR Games have been terrible! Can't wait for Turn 10 to get back into the NASCAR bidding.

Now that it's exclusive to Gamestop?, it's guaranteed to be awful for that contractual duration.

I love NASCAR, that sport deserves top treatment!

RowdyNeil1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

It will all be better when DMi takes over the license next year

crazychris41241210d ago

I hope so but Im not holding my breath