Call of Duty – Stop the endless buffing, nerfing and tweaking.

One thing is certain. Your favorite gun in Call of Duty will get nerfed at some point. You know that when you search for best gun articles or videos, the weapons being discussed are likely already nerfed or buffed. Are you sick of mass confusion because of Call of Duty and their endless tweaking? There are solutions, and simple ones at that.

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ScamperCamper1216d ago

Let's see what happens with BO3. I will agree that the nerfing gets a bit much. I guess the more weapon tweaking that is needed post release, says something about the developers? Rush jobs? Not sure. I personally would rather have buffing if at all necessary and they can leave some fun guns alone.

Skate-AK1215d ago

I say most of the nerfing is from the vocal community crying about not being able to adapt to using different weapons. By the time the nerfing is done, they are all far too similar.

81BX1215d ago

I think its good to nerf. Or else u get crap like jug/m16 in cod4 mw or one man/danger close mw2.

Call_Me_Boris1215d ago

As I state below, the pistol in Halo 1 was... fun? It also was KILLER. The game with that powerhouse gun and people weren't ranting about needing it nerfed.

81BX1215d ago

I dont see ur point? You are comparing 1 weapon to multiple weapons,perks,killstreaks.

Call_Me_Boris1215d ago

Let's talk reality here. Halo 1 had the most unbalanced gun ever. The pistol. Were people crying how horrible it was? No. The opposite. People in Halo 2 wanted the Halo 1 pistol back! If that was COD, then the pistol would be blah. Fun would be over. Did the pistol ruin Halo 1. would be the correct answer. There is a lesson to be had by that example I just gave.

Rebel_Scum1215d ago

Good article but that first solution is utter nonsense. Second solution was okay.

My solution (and I know this would be unpopular but feck it, I like playing not mucking around in menu's) would be to remove gun customisation altogether and just give the player the choice from 6 classes with each team being on a different type so in all, 12 classes.

Kinda like COD3. That game had the best weapon balance cos every weapon was fair game to be lethal.

lnfiniteLoop1215d ago

only guns that need to be nerfed are the sniper rifles... make it so they cannot be quickscoped and noscoped... make it that the have to be used properly, most of the maps recently are to small for sniper rifles anyway...

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