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Charlie Large from The Vita Lounge takes Yeah Us!'s Pumped BMX + for a spin and finds an enjoyable title that fills his appetite for extreme sports titles on the go!

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XanderZane1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

It's a cool game. Not sure if it's worth the $8 I paid for it, but it's still fun and challenging. I didn't see any multiplayer options. There are other bikes, helmets and clothes to chose from, but they don't seem to affect anything in the game. The tricks are cool, but some are hard to pull off because of the analog control you have to use. You have to push diagonally on the analog stick to pull off many tricks and I found myself pushing left, up, down or right instead. For you to complete levels, you have to pull off multi-combo tricks, which can be tough. Not a bad game. Trials Fusion is still way, way better, but this is a nice distraction.