Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain New Glitch Allows Exploration Of Unreachable Area

GS:" Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, the latest entry of the Metal Gear series created by Hideo Kojima and his team, is a game that’s filled with secrets. Many of these secrets have yet to be uncovered so players are trying all they can to find out if the game does indeed feature a Chapter or more endings. When searching for these secrets, a fan has stumbled upon a glitch that allows players to explore an area which appears in cutscenes but cannot be normally explored."

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Becuzisaid1119d ago

Only in this game when you reach an unintended area via glitch, it's actually just as devoid of anything worth exploring like the rest of the game.

I jest, I really am enjoying this game. Just not a traditional open world where news like this would be exciting.

Tankbusta401119d ago

Lol I was just going to ask if there is anything worthwhile in there...I guess you answered my question!

However you can keep replaying mission 12 and be in there and fulton 7500 fuel and 500 precious metal(must have wormhole fulton) over and over if you like!

CDbiggen1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Nah, replay mission 30 with stealth camo for every resource in a red container.
Edit: still takes forever to process it all though :'(

Summons751119d ago

People demand for realism, finally get a open world that would be like going to a real desert or jungle (but a little bit more populated)...then people whine about how there isn't a million people everywhere. Kinda ashamed to be a gamer when there are so many entitled people complaining about every little thing but still haven't made a single game themselves.

AlphaKennyOne1119d ago

I actually enjoy the open world and I love the gameplay. My biggest problem other than the story being incomplete is that I went from a huge desert in Afghanistan... to a huge desert in Africa. I love how one area has a lot of lush green trees when I first arrived there and the rest of the area is just another desert.

Even if it's not technically a desert you get what I mean. It's full of flat areas with dirt everywhere. Green camo is useless.

Becuzisaid1118d ago

Just to be clear, I did say I am enjoying the game. I was kidding.

MysticStrummer1119d ago

"Just not a traditional open world…"

Yeah it's not meant to be a "living world", but basically a series of levels in a large space. It's great fun to me.

ShinMaster1119d ago

If you're playing an MGS for exploration, like an RPG, you're doing it wrong.

3-4-51118d ago

Only in this game ?

Stop it with the over praise.

Halo 2 did it YEARS ago.

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TeamLeaptrade1119d ago

Still pretty cool if it's nothing but desert. I always like being able to get into an area that isn't supposed to be possible. Would have been cooler if there was some easter egg hidden in the glitch though.

xtheblackparade1118d ago

I encountered a glitch where you would get stuck in the floor and wall lol. But it's also the only one i've seen in the game so that's a pretty good job for such a large game.

feraldrgn1118d ago

Sounds like an area that's been cut, if it has the lock pick action.

Chapter111118d ago

I wonder if a better plot is hiding somewhere out there.