[Satire]Apple Inc. (AAPL) to Kill Sony in Gaming, History Proves It

Apple has already launched the device that will put an end to growth in the Playstation business, and will likely cause chaos at Sony. The firm's Apple TV isn't going to end sales of the PS4 in the next year or two, but it is likely, along with other changes in the market, to destroy the future of the firm's games segment.

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Neonridr1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

lol, so Pachter expects there to only be 10 million less consoles sold this gen to last gen and apparently consoles are doomed. If it is in fact only 10 million then that is fantastic because you have to figure that at least 1/3 of the Wii sales were due to casuals picking up the console for its ease of entry to the world of gaming. If we say that equates to like 30 million Wii's sold and they expect this gen to only be about 10 million behind in sales, then you can actually infer that console gaming actually went up in a way since there is no way casuals are picking up any of the big 3 (PS4, XB1, Wii U).

Interesting to note anyways..

uth111743d ago

Wow, so much wrong with this article
1. Seems like an sketchy investment site where everything should be taken with a grain of salt.
2. Quoting Pachter. The man predicted last gen would be the last console generation. Needless to say he's wrong
3. Apple isn't making a huge video game push with the new Apple TV. Only the ignorant media sees it as a PS/XB1 killer. It's too underpowered.
4. If the set-top box market is really a threat to consoles. There's nothing to stop Sony from producing one. Just because PSTV comes up short doesn't mean Sony couldn't produce a better device. Sony has a well-established gaming eco-system that Apple doesn't. People aren't going to just up and move to Apple until they can build something equivalent.
5. When you think about there's really no difference between a PS4/XB1 and a set top box. The consoles can stream movies, music, TV, etc. They are only larger? Why are they larger? Cooling + blu-ray! Why they need cooling? Because they are more powerful and therefore generate much more heat. This is why a micro-console can never compete- they will always have older/less powerful tech that's been shrunk enough to not need cooling.
6. Finally, Apple has had amazing success over the past 15 years. But a lot of that was due to Steve Jobs. It's not clear they will continue to deliver hit after hit without him.

B1uBurneR1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Don't be smart? Stop it with the long lists of hopes.

The bigger picture is Apple TV is as powerful as 360/PS3.

The millions of Apple gamers whom don't mind 360/ps3 arcade graphics could turn to this as their gaming console.

Now, Mind you there are so many kids gaming on Ipads these kids parents could see Apple Tv as Alternative to ps4/X1 systems with lower price.

These kids Ipad are to them what Gameboy were to us. The Gameboy generation fuels today Nintendo fan base. Same will happen with apple at this pace.

Iphone was Apple's Trojans horse and 8 years later we are talking about it possibly eating into the leading console sales. That is a short time.

I can see how in the future this can eats into Sony's gaming.

uth111742d ago

If you are correct, then its more likely it will eat into Nintendo's audience

FlexLuger1743d ago

Yeah right. Gamers as a whole hate apple..or at least the idea of apple in gaming. as do I...

but come on then apple...bring it...we will brok you up and run you out of gaming.*smashes chair on floor* Come on then apple! c'mon then big man *kicks table over*..lets have it!

nix1743d ago

Easy tiger. Hahaha..

TorpeAlex1743d ago

This is adorable. Keep trying guys, you'll manage effective satire someday.

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