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Spencer: It's Not Too Bad That Sony Is Selling A Lot Of PS4s

Microsoft's Head of Xbox Phil Spencer reiterates that he doesn't feel bad about Sony selling many PS4s and explains exactly why.

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Its all in the original article which was posted earlier.
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Imp0ssibl31776d ago

This guy is great on so many levels

Cindy-rella1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Im just glad the best gaming company is doing very well. Playstation has been consistently doing the best every generation since the ps1. Always has the most exclusive titles, highest rated exclusives, most diverse exclusive titles going back to the first Playstation console. Ps4 is doing well because of the history of the brand and a continuation of what Playstation always bring along with it. Pure quality

Im glad Sony isnt trying to sell their console on dreams like dx12 or cloud technology. Since the launch of certain Systems, all most of the fanatics talk about why their system of choice is lacking is because dx12 is needed or that cloud technology is needed to make it work as it should. Ps4 is what it is and doesnt require dreams to make it work as it should.

This PR guy only move is to only have good things to say about the ps4. It wasnt that way last gen. Now the ps4 has double the sales of its direct competition and the lead is increasing.

Imp0ssibl31776d ago

Last generation Sony screwed up at the beginning, now Microsoft screwed up at the beginning. Seems the same to me

TheGreatGamer1776d ago

'dreams' you say but Crackdown 3 tech demo demonstrated an unprecedented amount of destruction on Xbox One thanks to cloud powered technology and DX12 is already being said to improve Xbox One GPU & CPU according to many developers currently using it

slate911776d ago

You had me at your first paragraph. Then your fanboy showed in the rest of the post.

DrumBeat1776d ago


What you said took me back to the statement Mark Cerny made in an interview with Scott Lowe, when asked about the PS4 vs the competition.

He said something to the effect of people will buy Playstation 4 because "people want to play games."

Sony's always had huge, diverse libraries every generation, and that's what we're seeing with PS4 as well.

Looking forward to the future, and enjoying my PS4 today.

SourtreeDing1776d ago


wow destruction... lol i can care less about the destruction not everyone cares about that...

that being said Crackdown doesnt interst me.. if i dont buy the Xbox one this year i wont be buying it at all Xbox doesnt have enough titles that gets my attention. and ps4 does all other games that isnt exclusibe to xbox.

Death1776d ago


You are pretty much the picture of what gamers shouldn't be while Phil is a great example of how gamers should be. I'm astounded that you are calling Phil a PR guy when he's the one doing his job. Think about it, he's paid to say the things he is saying while you are doing it for free. You would think the one being paid would be less credible.

bouzebbal1776d ago

@Imp0ssibl3: PS3 still won the HD war last gen. Still playing PS3 everyday

DigitalRaptor1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Whatever man..

The only dreams happening on PS4 are those coming true, in seeing long dormant/requested games coming back from the impossible dead. Oh, and that new game from Media Molecule.

I'm curious here though, and I ask.... what is Spencer talking about here? and I quote - "we work for a company in Microsoft that isn’t driven in this space to go dominate anybody or to put somebody else out."

I respect your attitude in this industry, but really, Phil.....?

I'm sure that Microsoft doesn't desire a monopoly at all. I'm sure Microsoft has never mentioned "owning the living room" with Xbox before and I'm sure they were perfectly fine settling for simply a games focused machine because they definitely never expressed a desire to focus more on "broad entertainment". I'm sure they always wished to sell less Xboxes to the mainstream non-gaming Apple audience. /s

I'm sure that this wasn't popular opinion at Microsoft when they were dominating PS3 for half of last generation. /s

I'm sure Microsoft's well documented history of self-serving, anti-consumer, anti-competitor policies doesn't disprove this. Nor does their documented internal policy "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" focus solely of gaining monopolistic status by forcing out the competition. /s

Oh, let's not forget this gem: http://www.develop-online.n...

I'm sorry, but I don't think anything has really changed, apart from the PR from guys like Spencer, and decisions made by him and his team to make Xbox One more appealing to consumers since launch. You've turned Xbox around impressively since you became the Xboss, but there's no point in lying about the company you work for Phil.

@ Septic

You don't have to take my word on anything. I don't really ever expect you to. You can add me to your ignore list if you don't like it.

That won't change the fact that as sweet as Spencer might be for the Xbox brand, he still lied about Tomb Raider exclusivity, he damage controlled the indie games parity clause telling us things we knew not to be true, referred to his own consumers as 2nd class citizens, and made statements about Final Fantasy XIV that amounts to him framing Shuhei Yoshida as a liar, and here is saying things about MS that we know doesn't ring true, when we have all been conscious for the past 3 years. He's a good guy, but that doesn't mean he isn't paid to lie and spin, in addition to fostering games on his platforms.

Gazondaily1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Oh my days how does Cindy rella have so many agrees lmao.

So much blind allegiance to a brand, so much bile and just, well, immaturity.

"I'm astounded that you are calling Phil a PR guy when he's the one doing his job. Think about it, he's paid to say the things he is saying while you are doing it for free."

Haha wow spot on.

Anyone who agreed with him..well I feel sorry for them tbh. That kind of mentality, that almost smug arrogance, derision and supposed adherence to values and pretend concern, that's FAR worse than any PR statement that comes out of these heads of corporations. At least that much is expected of these staff.


"You've turned Xbox around impressively since you became the Xboss, but there's no point in lying about the company you work for Phil."

And why on earth would we take your word over his?

S2Killinit1776d ago

I agree. And by the way, this guy's comments are not 'good things', he knows what he is doing, and he is doing it well.

either way, I'm just glad I can enjoy the games. That is all. No other PR is relevant, just the games, show me the games.

xHeavYx1776d ago

The only difference is that, since launch, the PS3 outsold the 360 globally every month.

Death1776d ago


You are seriously citing 21 year old internal comments to solidify your stance today? It's odd that you seen the IE "monopoly" in 1995 but missed the Apple bailout by Microsoft 2 years later. I have no doubt this was done so Microsoft wouldn't face more anti-trust legislation by Congress, but that doesn't change the fact Microsoft kept their nearest competitor afloat when they needed it most. As an FYI, before Microsoft gave IE away for free the only way you were surfing the net is if you bought software to do it. That is what you are so upset about and cite as an example as to why they are a horrible company. They made internet browsing free.

lastking951776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Lol I just knew we'd get that 1 party pooper. Phil can't be a genuine nice guy to you people huh? Not everyone is a fanboy and see nothing but 1 brand like you and the 37+ people that agree with you. Lol dx12 and cloud tech a pr stunt. An updated api that has is and will help developers and a tech that's proven itself,has been used and will be used more and more in the future pr stunts smh.

Gazondaily1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

A PR statement is a PR statement but still, Phil is saying positive things. What's wrong with that?

Oh you're saying he's lying? You who regularly glorify a gaming brand, you who talk about wars being won, you who were so quick to hate and the key word is HATE. Why would any sensible person ever entertain a person with that kind of mentality?

When I read Phil's statements, regurgitated a million times from the same interview, I think, ah classy statement, clever thing to say. But when people instantly use it as a platform to prop up the PlayStation brand you know what...well you tell me what I should think. I want to know.

Everyone says Phil is a pretender, and maybe he is (I don't think he is) but who are you lot to say that , you serial Xbox haters, you who so obviously wish for the demise of the brand, not for any noble reason that you sooo desperately and transparently weave into your rhetoric but for sheer fanboyism stemming from what I believe to be a distinct intellectual deficiency.

Sometimes its fun to play the politics but sometimes I see the real bitterness of people who call themselves gamers come out. And its really sad.

TheDrunkenJester1775d ago

You are exactly why I hate N4G... Jesus Christ you're ridiculous...

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DrumBeat1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Honestly, I'm tired of the Phil Spencer butt kissing. He's probably tired of it himself, because he's a sensible dude.

It may not hurt for him to be a bit more aggressive and sell his brand a little harder.

Death1776d ago

His brand is selling better than it ever has. The Xbox One is selling great, some simply feel if they aren't selling the most they are a failure.

Spotie1775d ago

Better than ever, Death, and yet still not good enough.

Do you buy that Microsoft doesn't want to be where Sony is? Do you believe any company out there genuinely doesn't want to dominate every market they're in?

I don't buy for one second that Microsoft wants the Xbox to have anything less than a monopoly. And this not feeling bad stuff? Not feeling that.

freshslicepizza1775d ago

"Better than ever, Death, and yet still not good enough."

not good enough to who?

phil spencer,
"I love that we’re selling a lot of Xbox Ones. I love that we’re selling more Xbox Ones than we did 360, and we’re growing year … all the PR stats I can hit you with, and I love that we have more people on Xbox Live than we’ve ever had. That’s probably the thing I’m most focused on is the people that we have on Xbox Live and how happy they are with what they’re doing."

so again i ask, who is it not good enough for? yet you want to go after anyone who says anything bad about your preferred company?

"Do you buy that Microsoft doesn't want to be where Sony is? Do you believe any company out there genuinely doesn't want to dominate every market they're in?"

of course, both nintendo and microsoft would love to be selling as well as the ps4, that doesn't mean what the xbox one is doing isn't good enough. do you have anything to add here?

"I don't buy for one second that Microsoft wants the Xbox to have anything less than a monopoly. And this not feeling bad stuff? Not feeling that."

which translates into another example of the baggage you bring to the forums.

Spotie1775d ago

@moldy: Stop it.

"who is it not good enough for?"

Damn what PR mouthpiece Phil Spencer has to say. It's not good enough for MICROSOFT. You don't need an ass-kissing quote to figure that out. You just have to not be a blind fanboy.

"that doesn't mean what the xbox one is doing isn't good enough."

Xbox not being competitive isn't good enough. It may have been alright for the first outing, but Microsoft has put a helluva lot of money into the Xbox division, and there's no way they're happy with the XB1's performance, even if it IS better than the 360 did.

"which translates into another example of the baggage you bring to the forums."

What baggage? Are you blind? Are you incapable of reading entire comments? Did the sentence prior to that not even REGISTER in your head?

You're so quick to try and call others out for being fanboys that you don't even see what your own actions label you as, do you? Defend Microsoft, attack Sony. Attack anyone who defends Sony, defend anyone who defends Microsoft. Funny thing is: you talk about being mostly a PC gamer, you ask others why they're in articles for products they don't have an interest in, and are either oblivious to or intentionally ignorant of your actions that are the very same.

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1776d ago
-Foxtrot1776d ago

What because he tells people what they want to hear to come off as a swell guy...the big push to try to maintain and even repair Microsoft's image.

People treat him like he's Ace Rimmer

Death1776d ago

He definitely tells people what they want to hear. The most requested feature on the Xbox One was backwards compatibility. Imagine our surprise when he told us what we wanted to hear and enabled it with an update.

Seriously, saying games are being delayed so they aren't released broken while releasing broken games is telling people what they want to hear. Telling people you are focused only on gaming while delaying games and working on bringing TV to your console is telling you what you want to hear. Telling people they don't want b/c while charging to play b/c games is telling people what they want to hear.

Telling people you are focused on your own products and can be happy for another companies success sounds more like the truth. Phil seems pretty focused on making the Xbox better for Xbox gamers and so far he's consistently not been a douche towards Sony.

Gazondaily1776d ago

He's backing up what he's saying though. No one can deny that the gaming focus is rock solid now with Xbox.

Yeah people evangelise him way too much but people also love to pile on and hate him too. Look at the Sony contingent above using it to prove how their console of choice won the war, talk about 'pure quality' etc. Its like some sort of mad cult.

Phils the head of Xbox. His role isn't just PR. Yes he blatantly knows what he is doing when he says all the right things but if he's backing them up then what's the problem.

Let's not glorify him I agree. But lets cut the bs; a big part of the hate towards him is because of brand loyalty and the other side not tolerating it. It doesn't fit their agenda.

-Foxtrot1776d ago


Septic, I don't think people hate him because of brand loyalty, some do, it's going to happen but I think it's mostly because he talks far too much and people praise him for stuff which should be expected from a gaming company.

I know it's not his fault sites pick up on everything he says but like you said he knows for a fine fact sites will pick up on what he says.

For example, look at how many "we're gamer focused" articles we got from him before E3 (and past E3s), a gaming convention. Yeah so it should be...don't make out you've went to the high heavens, got the fruits of knowledge from god himself and then shared them out the town folk, it shouldn't be a thing you need to be known and be praised for it should be bloody expected. It's a gaming convention.

Hell it was recently TGS and I feel like I've seen more of Phil making his mouth go then someone like Shu or Kaz...people who were there and who's company showed a lot off.

Personally I'm not really fond of him because, bluntly speaking, he's too sickly nice. It comes off too forced because he's trying his hardest to get people to like Microsoft and buy Xbox Ones.

Death1776d ago

So we are clear, you fault Spencer for being nice? I would think gaming sites pick up on everything said by execs. The odd thing is we can make a list of douchebag comments that execs have said over the past decade and by the same logic it's mind blowing they actually said it knowing it would be made public. If nothing else something relatively mundane would be twisted into something it's not just to fuel the flames of gaming. Phil for the most part has been immune to this since he has been very consistent. So back to the beginning, if you don't want Phil to be rational and respectful, what exactly are you looking for and why do you want it?

-Foxtrot1775d ago


I said "sickly nice". I didn't just say "Oh yeah I hate him because he's nice". I did go into it more after I said it, don't see why you missed it.

I would continue but I think we know we're this is heading. I'll call it a day now.

freshslicepizza1775d ago

"Personally I'm not really fond of him because, bluntly speaking, he's too sickly nice. It comes off too forced because he's trying his hardest to get people to like Microsoft and buy Xbox Ones."

oh how terrible, he's too nice and he wants people to buy an xbox one. what a catastrophe. funny how you guys think of any reason to not support the xbox one.

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BG115791776d ago

Of course Spencer can be grateful to Sony right now. Thanks to Sony; he got in the place he's now... If it wasn't the case, he would be working for Don Mattrick.
So yeah, he can be grateful to Sony right now.

Ch1d0r11776d ago

I hope SONY hires him someday. Glad to see Spencer and Boyes leading the way. (yes i know Boyes is not the top dog)

Justiceleague1775d ago

How does he know Quantum Break will be a success like Halo and Uncharted?

nitus101775d ago

Another comment my Microsoft's Head of Xbox Phil Spencer on Sony. Does he have a fetish on all things Sony does?

It would be more appropriate touting Microsoft's products than commenting on Sony's.

Davi1231775d ago

He talks too much! MS are being stupid on insist in competing with Sony. And because of that, Xbone not will get a opportunity to pass PS4. To the PS3 pass the X360 in sales, Sony needed give up, to think. To them, are not always saying nonsenses. And then, turn back to competicion. Sony didn't do a turn of 360 degrees, talking again about the "CELL", something MS are doing. They still insist with the "Power of Cloud". This gen, we not will see the same repeat situation, Sony and MS are very different!

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VER1ON1776d ago

Gentleman as always, well said by Spencer

Chris_Wray1776d ago

That's a pretty admirable way to look at it. You are going to want to succeed, but why would you want all of your rivals to fail?
It's been proven time and time again in all industries, no competition creates stagnation and your own products decline because there's nothing to push you to be better.

vlashyr1776d ago

Yeah, the roles are constantly reversing. Last gen Microsoft had the lead and Sony had to do better with PS4 and it did, I'm sure the same will happen next time.

Competition breeds excellence.

ccgr1776d ago

Right without competition, the industry goes stagnant

Automatic791776d ago

Phil is being honest and I feel the same way, as a gamer I don't want any gaming company to fail, it is the same reason I did not want Sony with PS3 during the last generation to fail and I don't want Nintendo with WiiU to fail. Overall the gaming landscape is healthy and I just want the incredible games to keep coming. Well said Phil.

1776d ago
LavaLampGoo1776d ago

Thats very admirable. Shame some of the fans arent nearly as polite. Shame that the marketing department for both consoles only encourages it...

kaiserfranz1776d ago

Agreed. Not sure what they think they're winning by bickering about game consoles...

AngelicIceDiamond1776d ago

Naww the fans are never gonna be appreciative unfortunately because they don't understand buissness. Competition breeds excellence, simple.

Alexious1776d ago

Definitely true, because everyone tries to come up with something new and better to top the competitors.

DanielGearSolid1776d ago

I'm just glad they finally told Greenburg to STFU

Death1776d ago

I think we can all get behind this statement.

Sitdown1776d ago

Haha...... At least 3 people won't.