Why Microsoft Should Stay Out of Toys-to-Life

Microsoft has registered a patent that suggests it may be entering into the toys-to-life arena. This is an awful idea.

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gangsta_red1216d ago

If MS is going to do this then they need to do something completely different for this genre. Instead of focusing on cute, adorable figures go for something a tad bit more hardcore, Nintendo, Skylanders, Disney and Lego have that market cornered and crowded. Maybe set the toy line in some fantasy Dungeon and Dragon style land.

And the figures should have that Warhammer look and articulation to them.

343_Guilty_Spark1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Umm all they need is Minecraft, and maybe special Microsoft themed franchises as Minecraft characters. Off the top of my head Master Chief, Cortana, Viva Piñata, Ori, Banjo, Conker, etc would be great along with some brand new characters.

gangsta_red1216d ago

Yea..I guess that could work too.

Never thought of that but I can see this happening way more than my idea.

user99502791216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I dont think MS' has enough popularity among its major franchises for Toys To Life to make sense for them. I mean in a way it could work with Marcus Fenix, some Halo characters, some RARE mascots, one or two Fable Legends heroes....

would all be very nice, but these things are more geared towards kids and I think those franchises have more appeal to young adults and middle aged men.

But then again, Microsoft has billions of dollars and I couldn't really care less what they chose to do with it. I'll buy a Master Chief a grunt and a Conker to sit beside my MArio Amiibo and call it a day.


dont see why people are disagreeing with you. A grittier approach would appeal to Microsofts core audience and set Microsoft apart from the over-saturated market of toys to life that appeal to kids. It just makes sense.

Of course MS' could try to capture the younger demographic with toys. Minecraft is ripe for it.

maybelovehate1216d ago

I see so much potential for HoloLens with this. I hope it is something unique based on Augmented Reality.

T-What1216d ago

Could be cool if the characters are good quality. I agree with Martin, should be more adult oriented.

Automatic791216d ago

Yeah an adult oriented game to life is cool but it definitely would need more substance then Disney Infiniti 2.0 what a waste of cool characters with an average game world.

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