Why video games should embrace sex and violence, not shy away from them

Is there really much difference between Duke Nukem and Journey? Video games, especially in the mainstream, are excessive and blunt, making it easy to empathise with any game-maker who tries to push back against them by eschewing from their own games' violence, sex and other unwholesome subject matter. But increasingly games feel timid and insouciant, concerned more with deflecting gaming's well-earned reputation for vulgarity than doing or being anything substantial.

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user99502791173d ago

Violence in games is essential, IMO. nonviolent games are boring. I dont go into videogames to have a conversation or look around, I go in to blow shyt up and run people over.

Sex? I can take it or leave it. I hate having to sit through a cut scene where two poorly animated NPCs are screwing. The right way to do sex is how Rockstar approaches it. It's just a natural part of the world. Also you can shoot a hooker in the boobs.