How to Get The Destiny: TTK Secret Exotic – Black Spindle Step by Step

Well this was unexpected. Today Bungie decided to include a secret mission within their normally dry Daily Heroic Story Missions in Destiny: The Taken King. The Black Spindle, an exotic Sniper rifle with 310 damage, can be obtained today during the heroic version of the TTK mission, “Lost to Light”.

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idsanty1211d ago

Woah, this rifle's no joke.

EdMcGlone1211d ago

It's Black Hammer 2.0! Rejoice!

hulk_bash19871210d ago

Just got this with some friends got it on our second try. He black hammer was my favorite gun in year 1 so I'm a happy Guardian.

UncleJerry1210d ago

Dude this rifle is pissed! Getting it is far from easy though! I actually stumbled upon the secret mission during the heroic story yesterday morning on accident and got to the end but had like 10 seconds left! I immediately looked online to see because I figured it had to be there for a reason. Got a few good runs off using and I have to say this sniper is so beast!

Asuka1211d ago

you can try, but there are a lot of taken on the ketch. You have only 10mins to clear the entire ketch of taken and that is including the boss with all his adds. The Psion taken pose a big threat because they can split, and all adds need to be eliminated. Plus killing the boss at the end does NOT de-spawn the adds.

LoneWolf0191211d ago

Sounds like a challenge accepted ;P for him not me I already did this xD

gamer91210d ago

Me and a friend are only about 215 light level. Do-able?

Sevir1210d ago

Heroics require 260 light. Good luck with that.

EdMcGlone1210d ago

Not likely. You'll need at least three well coordinated people high 280s at least to take it down.

UncleJerry1210d ago

Yea you could solo it without the time limit. You can respawn but in reality you will probably never get to the boss with enough time left to solo him. In fact, if you had a full ten mins just for the boss I still would question it. Trust me, it sucks dying and then having to do the almost the whole story mission over again just to try it again. If you're gonna do it, bring 2 people man.

Then again, by the time I am typing this, you prob did it already anyways. =)

PistolsAtDawn1211d ago

...and of course I'm out of town

EdMcGlone1210d ago

You can still do it! Just need to load it up as a heroic story mission.

UncleJerry1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Really does that work??! If so, nice...I was trying to help my buddy through earlier and he had to get off. So it would be nice to know we could just do it again tomorrow. I think this gun is so sick and he likes to snipe so I want him to get it.

ninsigma1210d ago

Bungie have confirmed it needs to be as the daily heroic.

Sevir1210d ago

I'm not a sniper so this exotic isn't for me.

FITgamer1210d ago

Still a good way to boost your light level. Make your other gear stronger.

Swiggins1210d ago

I'm not a terrific sniper either, but it's nice to carry one with you for those moments where you need to do some huge precision damage at long range, or cheese a boss or something, lol.

maybelovehate1210d ago

If you are going to do the Raid, I highly recommend having a high level sniper for some of the bosses. Even if you do not like them haha.

Swiggins1210d ago

This is an insanely cool little find and it really makes me wonder what other missions/strikes might have hidden stuff like this.

EdMcGlone1210d ago

Now that this is out in the open I'm sure people are looking.

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The story is too old to be commented.