Chrono Trigger Retrospective Part 2: The Time You Exterminate an Entire Race

"The single greatest moment in my 16-bit gaming experience was discovering the Kingdom of Zeal 12,000 years into the past. Coming right after the plunge into a prehistoric 65 Million BC and stopping the Reptites attempt to wipe out humanity, this ice age was a cold awakening. Snow blasting across your face, a destitute, miserable arctic landscape. Then, paradise, a city in the heavens, grander than ‘a castle in the sky. The music was arcane, mysterious, and yet full of hope. The technology and artistry complemented each other perfectly, just as magic had driven the culture to new heights. Zeal was where 'dreams could come true.' I was both confused and in awe. How did this world connect with the rest of Chrono Trigger?" Peter Tieryas of continues his retrospective of Chrono Trigger.

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NXSwitch1120d ago

Will they ever make a real Chrono Trigger 2? Based on how dull of a design in the 1st remake on the DS with its bonus levels, it felt outta place & rushed. Some land textures were copied & pasted. If they do make a 2 I hope they would gather all the original staff & take their time to bring us another master piece! But I still love the 1st remake which I'm missing some of the new endings which I gotta go find.