Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Chocobos, Lunafreya, And Many Other Features

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata had a lot to share on the game during the recent Active Time Report at Tokyo Game Show 2015. He followed up with additional details on it during an interview with Famitsu.

-Noctis and friends won’t get into investigating the story behind the meteor, as it’s been around since long ago; however, we will learn more about it in the game.

-Hajime Tabata is currently considering a feature for the car radio. Some of the ideas include being able to play your own MP3 music files, or tracks from other Final Fantasy or Square Enix titles. Due to legal issues of being able to use your own MP3 files, they’re considering going with Final Fantasy or Square Enix music. Tabata says that the laws are a little bit lighter in Japan and North America, but they’re more strict about it in Europe.

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Eiyuuou1118d ago

I like what I'm hearing

DarkOcelet1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

" Because the weapons do not have enough money and I want, you can either try to bytes contracted the quest"

This translation is so awful lol. Its a good read though.

How can weapons have money? XD

Eiyuuou1118d ago

Press the credit url :p

Adrian_v011118d ago

But trying to bytes contracted the quest seems like an epic idea! :o

Kurisu1118d ago

I am sooooo ready for this game.

S2Killinit1118d ago

Ima train the heck outa my chocobo. (: bring iiiit! lol