Konami Can't Afford To Leave Triple-A But Would They Be Missed If They Did?

AG from EGMR writes: "Over the last week the internet has been abound with rumours of Konami leaving triple-A gaming in the wake of the release of Metal Gear Solid V. There are people hoping it isn’t true with others calling for Konami’s head. Meanwhile, Konami sits mute in a corner stroking a watermelon."

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Godmars2901146d ago

Given what they've announced, canceled, and delivered its arguable to say that they haven't been gone for some time.

3-4-51146d ago

Suikoden, Sunset Riders, Mystical Ninja.

All had good games in there series.

Konami is wasting these awesome IP's.

Godmars2901146d ago

Also titles they haven't touched in years if not decades.

I mean Sunset Riders was a side-scrolling arcade title ported to 8 bit era systems, and you're talking about bringing it back in a post Red Dead Redemption, 3D, online multiplayer market.

Likewise Suikoden would likely have long cutscenes telling it story while gameplay broke down to a minigame.

ABizzel11146d ago

Would they be missed, only for nostalgic reasons because their franchises have been long gone in most regards, and only those headed by Kojima Productions seemed like they were headed in the right direction.

Where Kojima goes is where the good part of Konami goes.

ShowanW1146d ago

since konami makes a ton of money in the gambling circuit over in asia, i think they will continue to drag their feet on whether or not they want to continue traditional consoles games or not.

Summons751146d ago

Well they ran Silent Hill into the ground and canceled the only hope of redemption, they ran Castlevania into the ground, they left a lot of great IPs to rot, and the fired Kojima leaving Metal Gear on track to be another Silent Hill or Castlevania...

yes they can afford to leave AAA gaming, they made it very clear they hate gaming now and would rather make pachinko machines. That's fine, will they be missed? No, not after the crap they have pulled over the last year alone and the past. MGSV was great but they shown they tampered with the greatness it could have achieved because they became impatient and wanted it out. I won't miss them, they gave me some great memories but they have been burning bridges for too long so if they want to go, go.

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