Without a consistent face, Dragon Age can’t be my story

Dragon Age switches protagonists, settings, and stories with each game, but this often comes at the expense of consequences, closure, and results in the repeated discarding of main characters. Could the Inquistor make a return as the protagonist of the next game to finish their story, or is Dragon Age going to toss them aside just like Hawke and the Warden?

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Knightshade1216d ago

I imagine they struggle with "resetting" the player between each game. Mass Effect pulled it off, but DA has always did a hard cutover. Interesting as it's the same company!

Cy1216d ago

Each game is a story about a different protagonist. How is that a hard concept to follow? You can't get into a 50+ hour game with a great, contained story that has an actual ending because the next 50+ hour game doesn't build on the progress you made in the last one? What a stupid way to look at an RPG series.

xamell1216d ago

Would you consider the ending to Inquisition/Trespasser an "actual ending" with no hanging threads? I think that ending pretty much demands that the Inquisitor come back. Dragon Age may present itself as such, but it doesn't tell "contained stories," and plenty of stuff doesn't get resolved because of it.

I always felt like the way they hand wave so much in each game about why characters are missing from the action felt pretty forced.

Cy1216d ago

I haven't played Trespasser yet, but aside from 2's ending, every Dragon Age has ended the story of the player character satisfactorily. Is every loose end tied up with the world? No. That's why sequels exist. The world keeps going and a new character gets to shape it for a time.

EDKICK1216d ago

It's not difficult to follow, it's just the wrong way of handling the series at this point in my opinion. With DA and Mass Effect in specific the protagonist: Shepard and The Inquisitor and their respective crew and relationships with them are by far many people's, including mine, favorite part of the game so I want to see the story of the Inquisitor and his crew carried over. The world,mechanics,combat of the series don't really interest me the characters do, it is a character driven RPG I'm not sure getting rid of most people's favorite part of your game for the sequel is the best way of doing things.

TheColbertinator1216d ago

I miss my Warden most of all. DA2 and Inquisition just tossed aside everything she did

sullynathan1216d ago

I guess you feel the same way about fallout, elder Scrolls, deus Ex and a large amount of rpg's.

EDKICK1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Those RPG's aren't character and story driven RPG's though, which make them completely different. You don't spend 100hours in Fallout building a characters personality and relationships.[Edit] Skyrim and Fallout in particular you have absolutely no connection to your nameless,faceless,personality- less character he's just an avatar. I love both the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series they're just different style RPG'S.

sullynathan1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

actually you do spend that time in fallout. Fallout didn't start with Fallout 3. Hell your comment doesn't make sense in parts because your character in DAO is an avatar of the player too.

EDKICK1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

That's part of my point, though I may have posted it in a different comment on this article and that's my bad, Origins isn't like DA:I it wouldn't have made sense to have the character carry over,then everyone hated 2, so why would they carry that over, Da:I is the perfect time IMO to do a Inquisitor Trilogy just like Mass Effect. And I love Fallout 3 but the characters and relationships are no where near the level of the Mass Effect or Dragon Age. [Edit] and I have no playing experience, unfortunately, with Fallout

Count_Bakula1216d ago

Having a consistent face isn't an issue for me as I always want to go through character creation. It's the lack of deep party controls in Inquisition. Might have been a 10 for me if the group commands were crazy deep.

nowitzki20041216d ago

I love games with deep character creations settings right at the beginning. DAI wasnt a 10 for me either, but still my goty last year.

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