Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 – ‘The Skaters’ Get Second Trailer

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 publisher Activision today shared the third video in their behind-the-scenes series on the upcoming shredfest. “The Skaters, Pt. 2” looks at the many varied techniques developer Robomodo is using to capture the look and feel of the sport and its top pros. It also explores the challenges of balancing the classic arcade style of Pro Skater’s legacy with the power of modern consoles.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1121d ago

When's Underground 3? I'm only interested in getting this game on PS4 if it runs at a modern frame-rate(60fps). After playing the previous bad Tony Hawk game(THPSHD) at 60fps on PC going back to 30fps will make it look horrible.

PurpHerbison1121d ago

Underground derailed the entire series.

DragoonsScaleLegends1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Underground perfected the series. THPSHD was more up-to-date than the original Pro Skaters and it still felt outdated compared to Underground. Tony Hawk games were good up to American Wasteland and anyone who thinks otherwise is just a fanboy of the original Pro Skaters.

I just don't understand the fanboys of the Pro Skater series. I grew up on them but I know they are flawed compared to the releases after them. If people want such a bare-bone game like the original Pro Skaters why are people acting like THPS5 is a bad value when it gives you more than the originals but less than Underground and it has modern graphics.

Minimox161121d ago

I Liked the THPSHD I dont think it was bad, at contrary I tough it was really cool and bring back a lots of memories, to bad it was to short or at least the platinum trophy :P
But I agreed with you that I want a THPS Underground :D !

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DarkZane1121d ago

The only thing I wanna know is if there will be local coop. This will literally decide if I buy or not.

It's disturbing that we're 1 week till release and not a single info on this.