Uncharted 4 dev reveals the themes behind PS4's highly anticipated sequel

PSU writes:

Naughty Dog delves into the themes and messages behind Uncharted 4: A Thief's End on PS4 ahead of its March 2016 launch.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1125d ago


This game will kick ass

HaydenJameSmith1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I cant believe you just did that, now I'm gonna play the game knowing it will kick ass :D

But seriously, yeh really looking forward to playing this game...

AizenSosuke1125d ago

Kurapika btw off topic but how's Gon and Killua been doing?

Yeah it will Kick so much ass.

TomatoDragon1125d ago

As Led Zeppelin said..."All of my love."

jon_snow1125d ago

I can't believe this will be last Uncharted from ND. I'm super pumped for this game but at same time feel sad that vacuum created after series end.
But in ND i put my trust, knowing they will fill that vacuum with another awesome New IP.

TheLoCoRaven1125d ago

I don't believe they've definitively said this is the last one . . . you know Sully is a thief too.

jon_snow1125d ago

Ya, but Nate adventure ends, and most likely if series continues it will be from some other studio not ND :(.

TheLoCoRaven1125d ago

@jon_snow maybe the Uncharted collection is a test to see if Bluepoint can take over the series. I think another studio could do a good job with it as long as its the same engine of course.

ravinash1125d ago

Its good to see a story based game have an ending and finishing on a high.
I love uncharted, but you don't want to ruin it when the story starts to lose it's way after they start running out of ideas.

It's like the argument for a sequel to Last of us... Only realise it if it's going to be a good story. Otherwise it will tarnish the original.

jon_snow1125d ago

@ravi, Yes i agree, every game(not only story based one) needs to end after 3 to 5 entry. As it gives developer to work on new ip and fans told feel milked.
Funny when a certain representative said particular game will continue as long as possible like star wars and spider man; but failed to see that spider man movies is falling lower and lower among consumer.

whalefat1125d ago

After reading `the art of naughty dog` book,there was a section in there describing new IP`s that was under serious consideration.A sci-fi set in a Blade Runner type universe and you played some kind of all action cop(looked a bit like Nathan Drake) with androids,robots etc... it looked really intriguing.

jb2271125d ago

Wow, that makes me want to check out that book...thanks for the heads up...I wonder if that was the Savage Starlight idea they were kicking around? I'd love to see what ND could do in the sci fi realm. For my money Visceral knocked it out of the park w/ Dead Space in their environmental design and unique gameplay mechanics, if any other dev could one up them in that arena, it'd be ND.

DarkBlood1125d ago

Hope theres some sort of snow base level for mutiplayer since it does not look like uncharted will have it in the story theme wise

jb2271125d ago

You never know, there's a possibility for it, they've said it's not going to be mainly tied to that island and that there will be a wide & diverse range of locations so we could end up in a snowy landscape at some point. I'm looking forward to a potential PSX story trailer that will give us brief shots of more locations like they've done in the past. Environmental variety & attention to details within them is the main reason that I dig Naughty Dog games so much, playing their titles really is like a virtual travel guide that takes you to exotic & unseen locations.

I'm definitely thinking there will be one underwater section based off of the concept art shown off early on, seems like we may finally be taking Drake underwater instead of floating on top of it.

seppo911124d ago

I dont remember if it was last e3 or at psx, but they said there would be snow levels in the campaign.

"UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End takes players on a journey around the globe, through jungle isles, urban cities and snow-capped peaks on the search for Avery’s fortune."

Snow looked great in Uncharted 2 in 2009, looking forward to seeing what they can do this time.