Ghost Recon Wildlands’ AI sounds epic, has Autonomous AI living without a script

Games of the past have taught us the importance and value of intelligent AI that more or less thinks for itself rather than living in a repetitive manner. AI patterns can be learned, but games that truly ask the player to be thoughtful, strategic and smart with their actions often turn out to be the most rewarding.

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Meltic1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Isn't it wierd hearing real people talk without any script ?

3-4-51120d ago

It was one of the few games that really had me interested in that it looked different enough from what everyone else was doing.

Can't wait until we learn more about it.

It not releasing around this huge wave of Shooters is a good thing for it's sales as well.

dmeador1120d ago

Right now sounds like a lot of fluff speak. Many games have been talked about to have some sort of AI relationships. Until I hear more specific examples on things that might go on, I'm skeptical. The articles I've heard about this take a little of what the devs say, then think about possibilities that probably wont happen.

user99502791120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

I've been a Ghost Recon fan for 15 years, and I think this game will be incredibly good.... but cant help but feel like they are butchering one of my favorite franchises. If they would just include PVP multiplayer I'd be happier. Seems like a staple of the franchise to me.

But whatever, I have faith. Future Soldier's Guerilla mode was the #1 reason to play that game, so clearly the co-op is great in its own right.

""What’s interesting about this is that people really have the feeling that they are actually part of the story. The Ghosts are sent to Bolivia to destabilize the alliance between the cartel and government. The job is to create chaos inside this universe."

A lot of potential here. Seems ripe for awesome emergent gameplay.

madforaday1120d ago

I never felt that Ghost Recon had a strong PvP. From 2002 to around 2006 Socom was the dominate 3rd person shooter (for consoles). I just felt Ghost Recon tried to play catch up and when they couldn't, they tried to go a different route.

Sir_Simba1120d ago

this game was one of the highlights of E3 for me.
But it'll face three major problems
-Taking so long people lose interest (the division)

MasterD9191119d ago

But this game has so much more going for it than The Division...