Xbox One Digital Pre-Orders For Rock Band 4 Now Available

As a special bonus, players who pre-order the game through Xbox Live will receive 12 additional songs to play in Rock Band 4 that are only available for free* at launch through this Xbox-exclusive offer.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1119d ago

Everytime I see Rock Band news, and Guitar Hero news, I am like, here we go again. Time to step around my plastic instruments.

MercilessDMercer1119d ago

I don't care about the revival of these games one iota

GrapesOfRaf1119d ago

I'm pretty curious about how good their digital sales are. Should show just how many people kept their old instruments.

DogtagDuke19921119d ago

Just remember, Rock Band 4 doesn't have any online multiplayer. If you are expecting to play online with people, wait to buy it until they add it (if they add it). I'm just trying to inform people because Harmonix sure as hell isn't saying a word about it.

dumahim1119d ago

If they didn't say a word about it, how do you think you found out it wasn't there?

DogtagDuke19921116d ago

ok fair enough. they have said very little, and only when asked about it. Nobody is writing about it. Just trying to inform people. No need to be a smart ass about it

Digital_Anomaly1119d ago


Hahaha... oh man, that one is gonna be a blast to play!