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Solar Shifter EX has good graphics and an interesting ‘shifting’ mechanic, but the game is lacking in fun, due to its frustrating gameplay and constantly moving camera.

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Maple221174d ago

Seems a shame that this game misses on a few levels. It looks like a lot of effort has gone into making the art look great that they have forgotten some basic game elements. It also sounds like it could be really frustrating to play. Great review though!

Yukes1174d ago

Had a go at Solar Shifter EX and definitely found it frustrating. Very marmite game to be honest; think some would love it.

HRD_Games1174d ago

Such a shame. I'm a sucker for bullet hells like Dodonpachi, but this one looks pretty messy. Shifting seems like a cool idea, pity it can't carry the game in the same way as Ikaruga's colour swap mechanic.

Yukes1174d ago

Aren't bullet hell games inherently 'messy'? This one just sounds more so.

HRD_Games1174d ago

I normally see bullet hells as beautiful. Nothing like seeing a flower shaped load of bullets hurtling towards you as you dance around them! This one just seems messy. More like scribbles than art, not to be too mean.

c00lvilKid691174d ago

Doesn’t sound like I’m missing out on much here tbh.

Skellytorx1174d ago

That sort of camera movement annoys me in games. It seems more effort has been put into making the game look pretty rather than focusing on effective, enjoyable gameplay. Which is a shame.

tonmori1174d ago

Great review but I think I'll give this game a miss :P

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