Naughty Dog says continuing Uncharted without Nathan Drake is 'hard to imagine'

PSU writes:

Naughty Dog has doubts about continuing the Uncharted series without its popular hero, Nathan Drake.

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TwoForce1212d ago

Good. Let's Nathan Drake and Uncharted rest because it will end the journey with big bang. I love the francise but at the same time, it need to end. So ND can focus something new.

Aloy-Boyfriend1212d ago

Hopefully they don't kill off Nathan or Sully. Let the two retire from treasure hunting in a good and happy way instead of killling them. Have them in a beach sat in from of a ship full with gold. That'd be a big Shots-fired to Mass effect 3 lol

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Army_of_Darkness1212d ago

Uncharted ends and more focus should be towards the last of us universe :-) so many new characters and storyline's can be introduced since it's still fresh, interesting and a very successful new ip.

TwoForce1212d ago

We all have purpose to live on to make something new.

hay1212d ago

Here's hope for the 80s Uncharted with young Sully, Indiana Jones style.

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blackblades1212d ago

Stories always has an end but uncharted don't have to end just yet but should have a long break.

zsquaresoff1212d ago

Ps4 will need an action adventure game tho after Uncharted takes its respectable exit.

Uncharted will have the honour of going out on top unlike some of the other franchices which lost that honour a few years ago.

AizenSosuke1212d ago

Then TLOU 2 will be the next king:)

zsquaresoff1212d ago

TLOU2 Its a mix of both survival horror action adventure.

jb2271212d ago

I totally agree, gaming has far too few Action Adventure titles in the vein of Uncharted or Tomb Raider. If we do in fact lose Uncharted then we need someone to take up the torch. We can always count on Naughty Dog to release something truly amazing so I'm fine with them moving on but hopefully they will keep the same feel & not attempt something like an open world. Just seems like there are so few narrative focused linear action adventure titles these days, I really hope the genre will grow this gen.

wakeNbake1212d ago

They should move on after 4 and work on a new IP, Savage Starlight seems like an obvious choice.

Inzo1212d ago

Drakes story might end but Uncharted can continue if he has a son who follows in his footsteps and ND can have Nathan take the role that Sully has in the current series. Sully can make a cameo.

FoxyGotGame1212d ago

Feel the same about The Last of Us 2 without Joel/Ellie. I am confident though, that ND can create new characters with just as much impact. They have done it twice in a row last clearly not a fluke for that studio.

Whatever the future holds for Uncharted beyond the final chapter in this current series, I'm sure we'll still enjoy the IP /

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