With PS4 Announcing Black Ops 3 Console; It’s Easy to See Why Xbox One is Winning the LE Console War

ThisGenGaming Writes: "Limited Edition consoles have become the norm, especially this console generation. What really started with the Xbox 360 and some limited designs and colors, is now happening month after month with new games and consoles pairing up to make a one of a kind system. For fan’s of a particular game, or even a series, it is an exciting proposition to get your hands on one of the new consoles of your choice in the spirit of your favorite titles. However, it can be also an interesting sight to see when console developers bring out new versions of their entertainment centerpieces, in terms of what the console developer and game publisher have come up with. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have each been much more active of late, and people that are looking to grab a new console have to choose what all the want in their package, not to mention what the console will look like."

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Aloy-Boyfriend1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Didn't know there were more wars going on the Internet LMAO!!


Abash1214d ago

I love the way the orange accents the black on the console, and the controller looks really cool with the gray body and orange d-pads and analog sticks.

nix1214d ago

this piece is the best i've seen today on n4g.

Eonjay1214d ago

Is this some kind of proxy war lol. Because in terms of sales the PS4 would probably win that too. Or is this a fashion war? Or just a flame war perhaps?

shloobmm31214d ago

The last few LE Ps4s have been hideous looking and this is no exception. At least it appears to be more than just a sticker tho.

Septic1214d ago

There's a war for everything console based. I wont be surprised if there is a war brewing somewhere about the hdmi ports in these consoles.

n4rc1214d ago


1.4 bro.. oh youre on 1.3? pfft... noob.. ;)

Major_Glitch1214d ago

Lol. You can smell the desperation. We're losing the sales and exclusives war, so we gotta move those goal posts(yet again) and make a NEW war and declare that we're winning. The LE console war!

xHeavYx1214d ago

Lol, I guess people on the losing team need to start finding new things to win at.

DemonChicken1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Guess slow news day with new ideas for click bait wars

imho - prefer aesthetically the Ps4 eraser shape than the VCR + power brick shape

so it's either this -

or this -

InTheLab1214d ago

You have to admit this was at least creative. I'm sitting here like WTF is Le Consoles? Is this guy French? Is MS winning in France? Do they really call them Le Consoles?

Kayant1214d ago

I purpose a new name for this site.


alabtrosMyster1214d ago

Well if you can't win THE war you have to win the LE war!!!

Honestly I'm not sure what he means, I love how this console look, what I find sad is that I already have a PS4 and I am no fan of COD.

Army_of_Darkness1214d ago

3rd party timed exclusive console war up next!

Eonjay1214d ago


Well we could vote the site down.

Ch1d0r11214d ago

Yeah me neither, and just because the black ops 3 console looks bad doesn't mean they are winning "the war". I mean yeah it does look shitty in my opinion, it would of been nice if it had the games cover on the chassis instead of the #3.

Davi1231213d ago


Don't tell me that:
PS4 Destiny TK is ugly too
PS4 Batman is ugly too
PS4 MGSV is ugly too
PS4 Gold is ugly too
The best looking XBone, is the white one. And i'm being nice! Because, is really hard like the design of the XBone!

Davi1231213d ago


This was made thinking in Kids, the biggest consumer of CoD. Expecting an elaborate LE PS4 like MGV or Destiny is unrealistic.

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SpaceRanger1214d ago

People are moving goal posts one topic at a time I guess lol

FarEastOrient1214d ago

The original clickbait doesn't work anymore, need to come up with new topics about things that don't exist.

Major_Glitch1214d ago

The LE console war though? It's like they're not even trying anymore. They should just stick with "Secret Sauces" and "Cloud Powerz".

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HaveAsandwich1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

yea but you have to admit, MS is crushing the war between console games that have an in-game vehicle, that are also steered by a wheel....

KidBroSweets21213d ago

Nah. I've got DriveClub so I'd say that too is a ludicrous statement.

Letthewookiewin1214d ago

Haha seriously! The X1 hasn't been in the top 40 on Amazon for months! Much less any of their hideous LE consoles. What a joke.

WDBII1214d ago

Nah the joke is Sony leading in sales without changing anything.. that is how stupid the average consumer is

PunisherRevenge1214d ago

Yes let us use Amazon as proof for all Now that's a joke.

dantesparda1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Stupid is consumers buying an inferior system that was more expensive (before all the desperation) because of brand loyalty.

And to @marcelliuss

What are you talking about Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world. And while not an indicator of the entire market, sure is a big chunk of it and therefore a damn good indicator. Every month that the PS4 has been selling better on Amazon, its won NPD. So the jokles on you.

That's right fanboys, get mad and disagree, it doesn't change the facts.

kenshiro1001214d ago

What in the world is this 'journalist' on? Now there's an LE console war....?

showtimefolks1214d ago

Too many wars hard to keep track of the war data lol

Up next the war on which controller has the better buttons

Kingdomcome2471214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

I actually kind of like it. I just kind of would like to see Sony do more custom sounds in their LE consoles. I'm not their target audience, though really. I bought the LE Arkham Knight console, but that was really more so because I wanted to be in warranty again, and I love Batman. I do kind of wish that I hadn't traded my launch Xbox One for the 1tb MCC collection bundle, because I'd have waited for the Forza bundle. Anyways... I don't think either Microsoft or Sony has just knocked it out of the park on any of the designs aside from the Metal Gear console, and the Forza one. I do love the controller on this for sure, though.

3-4-51214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

wait what?

This BOP3 console is arguably the coolest looking limited edition console on the market for any console right now.

And I won't be playing COD anymore either.

And I own an XB1 & NOT a PS4, and even I can see this.

C'mon man, this article is terrible.

KiwiViper851213d ago

"arguably" is kinda the point of this article, no?

iTechHeads1214d ago

This is the very definition of flamebait.

There is no "limited edition console war". There is only one console war and PS4 is winning it.

LongJohnShilvers1214d ago

ThisGenGaming is winning the clickbait war with this terrible article.

muzikjunkie801213d ago

There is no "limited edition console war". There is only one console war and PS4 is winning it.

here ill fix that for ya.

there is no console war "only in fanboys minds" both consoles are doing great and we who own both or all consoles are the winners.

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DarkOcelet1214d ago

The author do realize that the LE will sell out like hot cakes.

I am not a fan of COD like i used to be but that bundle looks so damn good and makes me want to buy it.

Neonridr1214d ago

I love the console design, the controller not so much.

But the black with orange striping looks very sharp IMO.

OB1Biker1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Yea I think its matter of preference I m not fond of the top but everything else is fine IMO
The thing is I dont get it, the article is comparing LE bundles of different games and the value of them? Whats the point? I mean if your interested in COD BO3 you dont care about Ms Forza LE bundle or other.

KidBroSweets21213d ago

I'm not too hot on the console design, it just seems a little empty (doesn't mean I hate it) but I really do like the controller. One of the Xbox ones only good LE's was their advanced warfare one. I really loved the controller on that one too. I feel this author could be a scorned xbox/cod fanboy who's mad that he'll have to wait a month longer for DLC now or something because this was a terrible article. Who knows.

Neonridr1214d ago

Xbox One had an Advanced Warfare console, so now it's Sony's turn at making one.

Kribwalker1214d ago

And as ugly as the advanced warfare bundle was this one takes the cake. I don't get it either, they had some steller looking ones (taken King, metal gear) then this one and the battlefront one are ugly

TwoForce1214d ago

I disagree about Star War Bundle.

BlackTar1871214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Battlefront is not ugly lol.

i mean i guess to you it is but Darth Vader on a PS4 isn't ugly it's actually perfect.

LOL okay we know others don't like it but that reddit isn't filled with people saying they don't like it it's basically spilt and only has like 200 comments. Then 2 of your 3 websites are financial websites.

Kribwalker1214d ago

There's a lot of people that agree with me on the Star Wars bundle, as well as gaming media too

Not to mention an entire Reddit sub section dedicated to different designs that would be better

Just saying, I really like the taken King version and if I hadn't already put 400+ hours into destiny on Xbox one I would have bought that one, but alas I'll wait for an uncharted bundle

kenshiro1001214d ago


Your opinion doesn't equal fact.

Chevalier1213d ago

Your opinion and all those other comments are opinions not fact. Also Forbes?! Seriously how often does Forbes ever say anything good about PS4?!

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CaptainSellers1214d ago

Well the MGSV console is by far the best looking, and looks way better than this.

Zefros1214d ago

yup, and i bought it :D!

BiggerBoss1214d ago

You lucky bastard

*looks at regular black Ps4 and cries*

KidBroSweets21213d ago

It would be AMAZING if Sony had some sort of trade in program to trade my black one in for the MGSV one or even the taken king one. I definitely don't regret being a day one owner of a ps4 but I am a bit envious at the amazing LE consoles people are getting now :'(

Kalebninja1214d ago

Lol the LE war, you just made that up.

eyeDEVOUR1214d ago

Lmao.. Couldnt believe i just read that header.

Fro_xoxo1214d ago

aren't they all made up?

generic-user-name1214d ago

When you're so desperate to make your favourite console look like their winning something.