Heads Up PlayStation Fans - Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Suikoden and Many More Games Discounted on PSN

If you've found yourself looking to get into some of the golden oldies, now is probably as good a time as any to do so. Some true classics from the PS One era are currently on offer for ridiculously low prices over on the PSN as well as some more recent games.


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luckytrouble2099d ago

Seriously, people need to start including region when it comes to sales. This heads up is only good for Europe, but you don't know that for certain unless you click the article since neither the title nor the description say as much. It's basically click bait.

chrish19902099d ago

I usually do add the region in the description, on this occassion I forgot. Plus, if this is what you consider click-bait... Well, there's much worse.

_-EDMIX-_2099d ago

Agreed. I would not call this click bait, but region really must be added, plus MOST always add region, honest mistake.

luckytrouble2099d ago

Anything is click bait if it uses vague or leading wording to grab clicks. That can be as little as listing a great sale and forgetting that it only applies to x people, or as bad as Buzzfeed's general article heading creation. Just because there is worse click bait doesn't mean lesser click bait is somehow justifiable. I do apologize if I came off as abrasive. This is just the fifth or sixth article I saw since I woke up 16 hours ago that talked about a release or sale that forgot region.

Rockets122099d ago

Well I would think that was given away with the mention of "Crash Bandicoot" and Spyro".... I want those games too :(

Hold_It2097d ago

@lucky too true. Then again 99.9% of articles on this site are click bait.

youndamie2099d ago

I'm surprised no one put up the article that shows that Mega Man Legends is finally coming to the PS Store(US,EU,JP). It's coming out later this month.

luckytrouble2099d ago

It was posted. At least for NA. I wasn't aware the game was confirmed for anything but NA, but if it was, I likely missed it because it simply isn't relevant for me.

chrish19902099d ago

I think it was posted here yesterday from the Capcom Unity blog. Good news, though.

Relientk772099d ago

So all the franchises that should come back are on sale

MoveTheGlow2099d ago

Man. I really wish the PS4 actually played PS1 games - just seeing the name "Suikoden" makes me want to go play it.

Bismarn2099d ago

This should go on you tosser! Discounts are dench though.