Nvidia's next laptop graphics chip is a full, desktop-class GTX 980

Digital Foundry:
In closing, this new utilisation of GTX 980 is a well-judged move by Nvidia. In recent times, the desktop version has been sitting in something of a No Man's Land: the GTX 970 is much cheaper and via overclocking, it provides the majority of the stock 980's performance. Meanwhile, the arrival of the GTX 980 Ti has redefined the high-end to the 980's detriment: if you're spending $500 on a graphics card, why not save up $150 more and get the top-tier product? Squeezed from both directions, the desktop GTX 980 has lost some of its sheen. Propelled into the laptop space, it should be the absolute state of the art - something we look forward to checking out soon.

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DarkOcelet1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

990m looks like a beast. Rumors says it beats 980m SLI.

And 980m SLI beat Titan X performance by a little in games like AC Unity etc etc etc and here is the proof...

If 990m is really stronger than a 980m SLI then i wonder what 990m SLI will be like. We are basically getting desktop performance in Laptops.