TGR's Game Lobby: Texas Gives, Illinois Helps, the UK Bans

TGR - "Industry consultant Vincent Scheurer, when speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton, noted that due to the fallout of Manhunt 2, future games could be placed in trouble under the BBFC's regulations.

In giving my opinion on this matter, I first have to praise Scheurer for speaking out against Paul Jackson of the ELSPA when he praised the decision to ban Manhunt 2. I am of the opinion that the rating system is placed on games for a reason, and that it is the responsibility of parents and retailers to enforce what games are not safe for younger children. As it stands now, games are already placed under the microscope to a degree that could be rendered laughable by other entertainment industries."

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Relin3821d ago

I definitely see that as a good thing. No developer will make such a cancellation system for just one state, so that'll filter down through the entire country; good call, Illinois!

JordanL3821d ago

I suppose...

Mandating that people who are too stupid to figure out cancelations have something even more dumbed down isnt a shining example of government though.

cain1413821d ago

I agree with 1.1

People need to learn how to do things on their own.

Relin3821d ago

Hey, I didn't say it was the best decision, but at least they aren't trying to ban games with subscriptions completely; that would also make cancellations easier for people.

cain1413821d ago

Banning Bioshock?

That's just not right...

predator3821d ago

they need to ban the person who thought of that

Relin3821d ago

I don't think there's a banhammer big enough for that.

gillman3820d ago

How would we ever know? If they took out some of the content of Manhunt 2 that changed the way that people thought about the game because of content we would never know, and never be able to see that part of the game.

I guess there is always the PC as the platform to release everything and anything on.