Space Issues: The Growing Need For More Room and The 360's Growing Pains

A huge fanboy battle has been raging (pun intended) since Carmack spoke about RAGE at Quake-Con last week. To sum it up, Carmack and the rest of the team at id believe that the Xbox 360 is the superior hardware. The GPU is all around better, the CPU's are powerful and easy to exploit and system RAM is plentiful while remaining flexible. These are all wonderful things from a developers point of view, which is what hardware makers want. The easier it is to get their games to run and run well on your system the better off it is for everyone. But here comes the rub.

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Xheratuul4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

can MS use HD DVD for their games ?

ukilnme4316d ago

LMAO. Too late for that. Maybe if it was included internally from the beginning instead of rushing it out the door. I enjoy gaming on my Elite but it is becoming more apparent that space will be an issue. If MS continues with charging penalty fees for multiple discs games(multiplatform titles only I think) this may eventually lead developers away from the 360. Just drop the fees MS and all will be okay.

Xheratuul4316d ago

Is this the cause of dreamcast's death?

Playstation Man4316d ago

Dumb-fvck lemmings will get shoddy versions of multiplat games now like FFXIII, Lemmings get RRoD, Lemmings get to pay more to play online, Lemmings have crap holiday line-up, Lemmings are teh suck. 360 is teh suck.

Xheratuul4316d ago

this is why i bought a future proof console, teh ps3

juuken4316d ago

Glad I bought a PS3 first. This is going to be a huge issue in the following years to come for the 360. By 2009/2010, Microsoft will have to step up to the plate with this issue or risk losing out.

Atomic4316d ago

they can use the floppy disc , i heard that with their compression techniques , they can cram unlimited amount of data on a single floppy disc , lol

Pain4316d ago

Waa- waa- waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

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Bangadoshish4316d ago

John Carmack lit the Industry up with that Comment

morganfell4316d ago

Because John Carmack has always been blatantly honest. Some of us here are old enough to have played Doom when it launched. I spent more days and nights at Quake LAN parties than I can remember.

There is a reason Carmack is called 'The Man'. He isn't allied with anyone. He was a proponent of Open GL but when Direct X came of age he adapted. You may not like what Carmack says but he pulls no punches and doesn't have to. He is a singular genius entity in gaming development and has more in common with Bobby Fischer than he does with other programmers.

power of Green 4316d ago

Still can't believe despite what Carmack said about the 360 and PS3, all PS3 fanboys and media can focus on, is the disc space when everybody knew space would be an issue hence the multi disc games the 360 already has.

*Lets ignor the inferior hardware, we have more space!!!!!* lol

IzKyD13314316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

90% of your comments mention the PS3's inferior hardware, but whats so inferior about it? is it the GPU, CPU, Blu ray drive, what? give a valid reason for once
you and jason 360 and the mart need to stop talking out of your asses....

dktxx24316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

If you knew anything about technology then you'd know the ps3 is far more powerful. It's not debatable. Ps3 has more potential. END of story.

juuken4316d ago

...You are a f*cking idiot.
You don't have to constantly suck Microsoft's c*ck PoG. You could at least open your eyes and see that the 360 will have issues with space in the next couple of years. The writing's on the wall PoG so I suggest you stop ignoring it.

Atomic4316d ago

that's why there isn't a single better looking game than Killzone 2 and Uncharted on the 360? right?
yes ,the PS3 is difficult to develop for , but the amount of untapped potential and soon to be tapped make up greatly for it's shortcoming.

Ali_The_Brit4316d ago

Man id get so annoyed having to disk swap, it would feel so last gen, like something on a PS1, well enjoy doing that haha.

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power of Green 4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Strange the royalty fee issue is talked about as if that is the more interesting news, being turned into some sort of issue no one knew about, despite folks knowing about this problem with games already having multiple discs.

How is the original royalty fee issue and the results of the unresolved issue on the product, more important and more interesting than what he is saying outside of talking about space?(more specifically, space for the game Rage).

Whoooop4316d ago

Well.. It's important because developers will have to cut on quality so they can fit the game in 2 DVD's instead of 3 or 4...

That's very important now that it's becoming an issue.

If I'm a developer and MS is going to rape me for every DVD that I use, because they wouldn't keep up with technology... then I would do whatever I could to fit the game in 1 or 2 DVD's.

Quality will suffer. I think that's a bit important.

Bnet3434316d ago

If they are finding trouble with the Xbox 360 version of the game, they should just scrap it. DON'T MAKE AN XBOX 360 VERSION. Why sell a gimped game to consumers? Are they scared they are going to miss out on sales? No one has had trouble with this "space issue" up until this point. Gears of War looks superb and Gears of War 2 also looks great, both using a single DVD. Make it exclusive to PS3 and PC. I don't think anyone will even notice the Xbox 360 version gone.

Bangladesh4316d ago

I personally don't have problems with swapping discs(been doing it for years). My opinion regarding Rage though, is that MS or Id had better pony up the dough for as many discs that it takes to allow the 360 to show it's advantages. I'll be getting which ever version is superior, just like I have with every multi-plat I've bought so far. My enjoyment of a game will not be marginalized because a company/publisher will not give the developers the things they need to use the capacity of the hardware. Whether it's ps3 or 360.

power of Green 4316d ago

I won't buy the game if its inferior as well, not because of console strenths *either way* but because MSFT did not do all they could to make the game the best it can be.

I agree MSFT should pay for any huge game's discs, it is not our fault they went with DVD9 but we do deserve the better product if we spent out money on the stronger hardware.

Multi disc games should be payed for, published/financed by MSFT or not.

rockleex4315d ago

Remember when we happily switched discs back in the PS1 era? Yea we all remember.

But one thing people forget is that PS1 had CDs which hold a lot more data than Nintendo's cartridges.

Why complain about switching discs when you obviously have more storage space than your competition?

I'm sorry, but you can't brush off disc switching like its nothing when your competition has superior storage space.

VsAssassin4315d ago

I guess this royalty fee is necessary because, if not, the retail value of the game with more than 2 discs will be higher, and consumers will have the greater burden in the end. I believe this is the case for Lost Odyssey to have the same price because MistWalker is bourne of MS, and that multidiscs for that game is shouldered by MS.

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morganfell4316d ago

The death of DVD9 was predicted by analysts to become apparent NLT 2010. It doesn't mean that games won't be produced for the 360 it is just the fact these companies are going to stop making concessions to the 360 and trimming sizes to try and make the game the same on both platforms.

The PS3 is selling far faster than the 360 as it is and as the PS3 becomes the lead platform for more and more developers, as complexity in games grows, we will finally see more and more 'next gen' titles that are not hobbled by a last gen storage medium.

solidsnakus4316d ago

i dont know what your talking about. those textures in mgs4 were pretty bad for an exclusive game. gta4(a sandbox game) was better looking.

juuken4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

...Excuse me, but what? The textures were bad? I'm sorry but that game looks amazing, hands down. I don't know what the hell you're talking about, unless you were right in front of the screen counting every pixel that was bad. Every site that gave MGS4 10's gave it a 10 for graphics.

And I'm sorry but GTA doesn't look better than MGS4.

dktxx24316d ago

Your blind if you think GTA 4 looks better then MGS4.

The True Gamer4316d ago

You must be smoking if you think MGS4 had bad textures.

Mc Fadge4316d ago

It's not a 10 guys :/

Very, very nice indeed, but not a 10, I can see flaws in it

morganfell4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

You see this isn't even a remark for debate. It is a farce. At first I thought he was being sarcastic but he actually believes what he said.

Here is the news: GTA4 is LOADED with low res textures. He needs to take off those fanboy glasses. A person may sleep with their copy of GTA4. That is their right and their business. But that comment is just absurd.

I am speaking about him rather than to him as he should be aware that making such statements as he did means no one will ever read anything he posts again with any degree of validity. Personally I am just going to put him on ignore. Not because his comments upset me but because they are affront to anyone that has a shred of observational ability and the willingness to be honest.

@Mc Fadge, IGN gave GTA4 a 10 for graphics. There is something that should be questioned first. Of course they said they gave it a 10 not because it was perfect but because it was pushing the envelope. Really? So what they are saying is that GTA4 looks better than any game that came before it - remember it is pushing the envelope beyond it's current location. So they say the graphics are better than Bioshock, better than Gears, better than Uncharted (The best looking game period) Better than Heavenly Sword - sorry, GTA4 is a turd compared to the facial animations in that game - they sat it is better than anything to that point and that is just pure crap.

Thankfully people are finally being honest about GTA4 and it's butt ugly graphics as wel as it's poor attempt at Wii sports.

r2kcipher4316d ago

it is clear that some textures in mgs4 are lacking. but even those that are lacking are better than most textures in most games. i think it has 9.5 graphics. 10s will come later.

imho uncharted has the best graphics so far.

badz1494316d ago

please share whatever you're smoking because I can see the effect is pretty good on you!

SL1M DADDY4315d ago

You are joking right? This is sarcasm... Right? Please say you're joking.

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