Wolfenstein: The New Order 2 accidentally revealed

Wolfenstein: The New Order sequel accidentally revealed by the actress portraying Anya Oliwa. The game coming out no sooner than 2017.

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gillri1120d ago

Loved The New Order! I dont know why I was surprised as I believe alot of people working on this worked on The Darkness and Riddick EFBB

The expansion The Old Blood was probably even better, it gave off a Half Life 2 quality to me

morganfell1120d ago

My only issue with the Old Blood was the lack of the depth I got from BJ in The New Order. Brian Bloom's V/O is spot on and I loved it, but in The Old Blood I just wanted more. There were actually very few cutscenes as compared to the main game and that "Count to 4..." part is hard to top.

EDKICK1120d ago

As good as the gameplay was in the New Order was the best thing about the game might have been the story and characters and Old Blood didn't focus on those as much it's a great standalone expansion but it doesn't stand up to New Order

UnholyLight1120d ago

I know exactly what you are saying! I felt the same way. The New Order had this crazy effect on me while I played it...between the gameplay/visuals/story I was so hooked. The story had me really engaged and The Old Blood is more of a fan service type game in my opinion...its more of a "tide me over" type release until the next full game comes out.

Either way, both games were a lot of fun...The New Order was easily one of my top current gen favourites and still is.

JoeReno1120d ago

I agree, I finished Old Blood lastnight, and while fun it didn't have the same depth The New Order. Understandable for an expansion, but just a bit more depth could have delivered on a outstanding experience.

freshslicepizza1120d ago

who would have thought a successful game gets another entry.

DarkOcelet1120d ago

Good, now i need The Evil Within 2. And since Shinji Mikami said he wont leave the industry for now, i hope he is making it.

twiggytree121120d ago

Same here, The Evil Within was fantastic!

chrisx1120d ago

Good news. Totally enjoyed the new order,a fresh breath from the generic fps's

Yukes1120d ago

Agreed - would gobble up a sequel. The New Order had a fantastic blend of old-school shooting, interesting storyline and fantastically-realised game world.

Wonder who the protagonist would be though...

Relientk771120d ago

So true

Great mix of old cool and new school, and I absolutely loved the stealth elements

kingdomtriggers1120d ago

I am probably one of like 10 people that actually are far more interested in wolfenstein games than fallout. In fact, I like all of bethesda's acquired studios more than their in-house works.

morganfell1120d ago

Maybe you are 1 of 11? :)

Although I have Fallout 4 on preorder, it isn't like Wolfenstein for me because Wolfenstein is one of those games that I start and then play till completion and do so at the exclusion of all other games. It is that engrossing. The New order set a very high bar.

Crummybear1120d ago

Wolfenstein 3D set me up to be the game I am today. I loved the New Order and can't wait to see what's in store for BJ next. Damn now I won't be able to stop thinking about this sequel until they officially reveal it!

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The story is too old to be commented.