Flame Over - A Musical Review | PSGamer

PSGamer: Flame Over from those great guys at Laughing Jackal has arrived on PS4 after successfully utilising the best of the Vita. How does it stack up on console? Ross has jumped on the review which you can find right here.

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Flame Over Accidentally Listed As A Free PS Plus March Game For PS4

GS: " Flame Over, which was supposed to be free for only PS Vita this month, has been made free for PS4 too."

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the_dark_one2831d ago

Oh well to late now, got it already

Christopher2831d ago

Reality Fighters still isn't showing as free for me. Be careful on checkout that you're not spending $14 on that.

the_dark_one2831d ago

well my psn wallet is as dry as my real one so..... there is no problem of that happen

b_one2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Reality Fighters - got it, FlameOver - got it for ps4. I think it is crossbuy

Neonridr2831d ago

North America lists it correctly. Shame, would have grabbed it.

rdgneoz32831d ago

Yah, sadly the US store lists it correctly.

RosweeSon2831d ago

Well I've just grabbed it but reckon it's probably just cross buy? As it was listed for vita but hey ho free game I grabbed that and I'll prob grab other 2 defo getting bro force. As for the Last guy great little game if you've still got your PS3 and don't already have that game get it.

G20WLY2831d ago

Snagged it! Although, to be honest, I'll more than likely play this in bed on Vita anyway lol

Orionsangel2831d ago

It's still up at least on the PS website store but not Broforce. It shows I can't purchase it. I'll have to check on the PS4 console store later.


Gearsiege2831d ago

BroForce is listed as free for me on the web-based store.

NSANiTY2831d ago

Yeah, I get the same thing. I can get Flame Over on the US, PS Store website, but I can't get broforce. Figure it'll be available to download from the PS4 directly once I get home.

I always download all the games from the PS Store website so in case I never get around to downloading them to their actual console, they'll always be available to download later.

machtkampf2831d ago

I am having the exact same problem >_>