GamePro Feature: 12 Soul Calibur Characters We'd Love to See

The Soul Calibur franchise has made its mark outside of arcades, due in large part to the console-specific cameo characters. It worked with Link and Spawn, and the newest iteration is gathering acclaim for the inclusion of Vader and Yoda. With the popularity of digital downloads, however, the prospect of adding even more beloved characters is entirely possible. Here's 12 famous gaming, movie, and comic book characters that would fit the fighting franchise perfectly.

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dachiefsman4311d ago

Nobody could get close to Kratos with the reach the chaos blades have.

Panthers4311d ago

I would think it would be a special move to extend the blades. For the most part he would probably keep them close, to balance it.

like ivy and her sword.

juuken4311d ago

Kratos would be awesome.

PSWe604311d ago

Kratos, ofcourse, and Nariko from Heavenly Sword would be bad a$$ in Soul Calibur

PS3ALLDAY1224311d ago

kratos would only be in the ps3 version

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The story is too old to be commented.