On the hunt for Halo 5's spark - Hands-on with the campaign for Xbox's biggest game | Eurogamer

This is the spark I'm looking for. Halo 4 was a hugely enjoyable, visually-stunning first-person shooter that burned brightly before fading away not long after launch. I need more from Halo 5. This is Halo, after all.

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FlexLuger1213d ago

"Eventually you're tasked with bringing the Kraken down, so into a Promethean Phaeton we go, blasting the turrets as we teleport to avoid enemy fire. The music ramps up, the Halo purple pew pews across the screen, explosions, then you board the beast, destroying it from within. You sprint out, jump back into your Phaeton and fly off as the Kraken explodes behind you. The levels continues as you fly into a mysterious new alien installation, those black bars melting into the top and bottom of the screen. This is Halo at its best."

After the awesomeness of FM6...I feel we are in for an even bigger treat here, fellas! The king is back. I play MCC every day, and this new halo is right up my street!

christocolus1213d ago

Couldn't agree more. Going by the previews so far it seems 343i have done a great job, this might just be the best Halo campaign yet.

spicelicka1213d ago

God that paragraph is music to my ears, I've been missing halo 3 scarab fights for 7 years now. This will be IT!

Paytaa1213d ago

Right there with you man. Halo 5 is the Halo I've been waiting for since 2007. Loved ODST, Reach and 4 but 5 just seems to take the best from each game and make it work.