PS3 80GB MGS4 SKU sold out at Wal-Mart

By Marcus Lai:

Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle this week held a sold out status at Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s online division on high demand for the product. disclaimed an 'Out of Stock' status to online customers as of Sat. evening. The item is not available for in-store pickup.

The MGS4 PS3 80GB SKU includes a copy of the Metal Gear Solid 4 game and a Dualshock 3 controller for $499.99.

The product has held in the top three sales at on steady availability at the retailer.

Sony this month recorded a Q1 profit of $50.5 million (5.4 billion yen) profit in its game division compared to a loss of $273.3 million (29.2 billion yen) one year prior.

Sony has sold 14.4 million PS3 units worldwide to date.

The electronics giant will retail a new $399 PS3 80GB SKU this fall, representing a $100 price cut from the current 80GB model.

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Silly Poor Xbots4311d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, "Sony has sold 14.4 million PS3 units worldwide to date."? Poor Xbots, idiots are still using vgcrap numbers, we all know they have more than 15 mil. Poor Xbots, another online retailer sold out, will you stop being silly and get one too?

Poor Xbots

theKiller4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

do dont offend the ps3 brand name!! we might need 360 owners but not the xbots type!! they will ruin our experience with their bad wars and whining and childish and cheating gaming!!
do u wanna play with a bot?? sure i dont!! but yes there is still some hope in some 360 owners to convert specially with a title that never existed a title like it before METAL GEAR SOLID 4

P.S. i wonder how many sony shipped of these bundles?? if they shipped a lot then they did the right thing and we will see big sales for july, if not then thats the wrong move!!

Fiona4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

I wonder why sony did not have much larger quantities at MSG4 launch. they surely would have sold a lot of hardware with that bundle. Sony sometimes make weird decisions. but who doesnt.

Yep clintos, MSG4 was going to be a system seller. I just dont know why ppl doubt that!!

clintos594311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

I think sony did know MGS4 would sell them alot of units for that month but I dont think they even knew the demand for it was going to be this high. I mean this MGS4 bundle seems to be selling out everywhere it is sold at and I think a main part of that reason also has to do with people trying to get Backward Compatible with there 80gb before sony brings in the new 80gb sku's which will not have BC in them. As for MGS4 not being a system seller, I guess just from seeing that it is selling out in major stores including online proves those people wrong who said so. MGS4 FTW. :)

Edit: Fiona I agree wit u and trust me the only ones that doubted MGS4 being a system seller were the fanboys.

PoSTedUP4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

*waits on NPD #'s*

clintos594311d ago

I think it is safe to say that sony had a great July aswell in the US. I am sure though that the 360 will have had a boost aswell with the price cut but it is still very impressive to see MGS4 Bundles continue to sell out at the price of 500 dollars.

theKiller4311d ago

a lot of people in the US r holding out to buy this bundle!!
its an amazing bundle if u ask me!
best console ever with the best game ever = perfection deal

PoSTedUP4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

yea its amazing how well the ps3 is selling at 400-500$.

thats just ONE fanbased game though ya know. if you think MGS4 sold alot of systems..... wait till SOCOM drop this october, socom franchise is over 10 milion strong proven, there are ALOT of people waiting to buy a ps3 just for socom. i can easily tell you that socom will sell more consoles that MGS4 man and i know that for a fact. socom is much more popular than MGS. i cant wait till socom drops man its gunna be INSANE!

yea no doubt 360 sold some systems from that price drop....

dktxx24311d ago

That's a bold prediction right there.

juuken4311d ago

Yep, yep, and yeppers.
GOTY (imo).

BattleAxe4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

I think Socom will sell alot more systems over MGS4 but only in the USA and Canada. This game is a powerhouse in the US and Canada. Socom will probably do pretty well in europe aswell seeing as how you can also choose to be one of several special forces in europe like the British SAS when you create your character.

cmrbe4311d ago

Perhaps because it cost Sony alot of money to produce them bundles and that they set a target for the number of consoles they want to sell with MGS4. Sony knew how important MGS4 is to them which is why they have kept is as an exclusive.

Death4311d ago

Which is selling which? If MGS was moving the hardware, the 40 gigs would be out of stock. I picked up my copy of MGS from a friend of mine that wanted the b/c but didn't care for MGS. I actually cancelled my MGS pre-order when I seen it was going to be the new pack in. I ended up paying $25 for it. If MGS wasa console seller, it would not have been packed in at all just like the Halo 3 console which didn't include the game. If people are going to buy the console, giving away the game is pointless.

I know this is very difficult to understand for many people, but Sony held off the b/c 80 gigs to make sure the MGS bundle would sell well. By including MGS in the bundle, Sony insured that the game would sell well which is one of the big factors that kept it exclsuive to the PS3. This is simply one way of paying a developer for console exclusivity. Before the many disagrees roll in, what was the point of keeping b/c consoles off the market for the first 6 months of 2008, releasing it with a free copy of MGS and then announcing there will be no more b/c 80 gigs after it? Sony blames it on lack of consumer demand, but the MGS bundle clearly shows that is a lie.


DaTruth4311d ago

Pretty easy for me to understand, that is absolutely true!!! Strange that no one said it till now.

rogimusprime4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

That's a large paragraph to write up just based on the ASS-U-MPTION that this will be the last b/C playstation 3. I don't think so, buddy.

Halo 3? That was ran by marketing blitz. When was the last time you saw a MGS4 commercial? The game is a system seller regardless of the bundle.

Based on your argument, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt wasn't a system seller.

Giving away a game isn't pointless...have you seen the economy these days?

A bargain is a bargain.

I don't disagree with you enough to hate, but can you provide some evidence that sony will stop making B/C PS3's?....other than lack of annoncing a new SKU to replace the 80 gig?


I bought PS3 just for MGS4, not for FFXIII, Killzone, resistance, or Home. The dual shock just sweetened the deal.

Death4311d ago

They cited "lack of consumer demand" for the removal. From my understanding, Europe has not had b/c since launch. The assumption would be that Sony will release a b/c SKU in the future to replace the b/c SKU they just eliminated.


kazuma4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

europe had b/c at launch. the 60gb launch model in pal territories only had the graphics synthesizer from the ps2, they removed the emotion engine from that model (which is now emulated) and then the following pal models had the graphics synthesizer removed, which killed b/c in pal regions. glad i have a 60gb launch one =D

edit:nevermind my comment, i misunderstood "Europe has not had b/c since launch", thought i read "europe doesn't have b/c" lol

move along =D

DaTruth4311d ago

Check my comment a few lines down...

Willio4311d ago

Halo 3 bundles never sold out, MGS4 bundles sold out in a week. I think that clarifies whats a system seller.

ReBurn4311d ago

Which Halo 3 bundle are you talking about?

badz1494311d ago

how can you say that? did you even see NPD and mediacreate numbers for June? from NPD, MGS4 is the best selling game in June in NA without taking account the bundles! media create also said the same for Japan! those numbers for NA and Japan does not include bundles! so, MGS4 is indeed selling very well despite being a niche game and YES it sells systems which by that, I mean A LOT of PS3s!

one of your friend bought the bundle and gave his MGS4 to you, so? he's just one person! the bundle is selling because it's a great deal and it's the best way to grab a PS3 and MGS4 in one package! you really think that this 80GB we're talking about is the last BC PS3? PS2 is going to give way to PS3 someday so, we can always expect them to put back BC in future PS3 later on! Sony are not known to be the one leaving their last generation fanbase in the dark! never did and I hope never will be! hence the PS3 still can play PS1 games

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darkwing4311d ago

Its now even no.1 in Amazon too, coz the wii is sold out lols

ScottEFresh4311d ago

With a game like MGS4, the new Dualshock3 controller and the fact this SKU sports Backwards Compatability are the real reasons why this bundle is selling like hot cakes. Sony did do a poor job in forecasting how many units to move to retailers but as long as sales are strong I don't see why they wouldn't keep comming out with that bundle.

clintos594311d ago

If I were sony Id look at just how great the sales are for this sku bundled with MGS4 and id make 2 80gb sku's. One with no BC and sell it at $299 and an 80gb sku with BC and sell it at $399. I am sure both these sku's would sell out in the holiday season and will sell very well leading into the new year, especially if there are bundles coming with these sku's.

CrazzyMan4311d ago

so, the price must be right,
of`course amazon doesn`t represent 90% of NA market, but still.. =)

But, after x360 pricecut, i hope, Sony will reac, the lower price for ps3, the more people will able to afford it. =)

rockleex4311d ago

Sony announced no more BC... for the time being. Well not just that, but I think it has a lot of factor.

I'm pretty sure once the PS2 gets phased out, Sony will put BC back in PS3.

Then they'll eventually release a firmware update that allows full PS2 emulation on any PS3. That means its possible to play PS2 games at native 1080p!! ...Maybe, well they should at least allow PS1 games to be played at native 1080p.

Anyways, Sony will then release PS2 games on the PS Store to make even more profit off the PS2. Funny how the PS2 will still be making profit for Sony after its "death".

But this is all speculation. But I'd be darned happy if this did happen.

Zerodin4311d ago

My Wal*mart has like eight. No one is touching them!
And there is actually dust on the boxes of the regular ones!
Wii and 360s, they can't keep em on the shelves!

juuken4311d ago

Keep telling yourself that.
Maybe you'll think Santa Claus is real too.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!;) Santa's not real??? ;-D
Come on now...I have heard a lot of False Lies on this(mainly about the PS3)but thats going to far... ;-D
Bet you your gonna say Sack-boy and Sack-girl are not real next??? ;-D
Or Clank off Ratchet&Clank games??? ;-D
Or R2:D2 off Star Wars??? ;-D

juuken4311d ago

Ken, you are so silly. :3

macalatus4311d ago

360s flying off the shelves?

That's because people are replacing their RRODed 360s, dimwit!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4311d ago

He is real!!!;-D I see him every xMas!!!;-D
They did say i was a bit to old to bounce on his Knee tho!!!;-D

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