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GamerKnights has just published their review of the new PES 2016. Can it beat FIFA 16?


"Pro Evo has always struggled with the lack of licenses, and this year is no exception unless you’re French or Spanish. The English get the Premiership and Championship, but only Man U, whilst German fans don’t even get the full Bundesliga. The players are at least mostly licensed, and having the Champions League license just feels wasted when populated by teams like ‘London Blues’ and ‘Merseyside Reds’."

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GamerKnights1119d ago

Let us know what you think of our review! Will it beat FIFA 16 this year?

bluegoblin1119d ago

I used to be all about winning eleven (same as PES) back in the ps2 era. I still have my copy of winning eleven 9 for the record but since then have stopped playing them due to Fifa simply being better all during the last generation.

After trying the Demo and seeing the reviews I might just try this one out instead of Fifa this year!

skwidd1119d ago

Do it! I grew up with the Winning Eleven series in the ps2 era as well (even before with N64). I lost interest last gen but this one... oh my! Its glorious! Can't stop playing it with my friends! Its sublime! Brought me back to WE7

3-4-51118d ago

* For me, I don't care about license.

In PES I get to create my own teams, with my own kits, and names and stadium.

^ * That right there personalizes it for me and allows me to care more about my team and players on my team because it's MY team.

They don't have a history I HAVE to live up to, I get a blank canvas to create my own.

Fifa HAD that in Fifa 06/07, which were IMO the best overall and most fun Fifa games for their time....Fifa got rid of team creator....not sure why

Masta Kaos1119d ago

"Even then, it
always remained fun, so I was still surprised to see that last year’s
game turned it into a more arcade-like experience, with games,
especially on lower difficulties, being real goal-fests"....stopped there, You don't know football.

big_dom_part_21119d ago

Exactly. Despite the positive review, how anyone can look at Fifa and think it's the more sim-like of the two is absolutely crazy.

IanBear1119d ago

We have to agree to disagree then. On the lower two difficulties, 8-0 games in 5 minutes are ten a penny, and scoring huge curling shots from 30 yards is pretty common. It's all done 'realistically', but the frequency of the above is hardly 'real' football? It may be more of a sim for those playing on superstar difficulty, but that's hardly the majority of the audience?

anticooper1119d ago

the best football game i have ever played:)options file is already out for premier league and bundesliga and they look great:)Peace:)

Georgeh0407791118d ago

Pro evo is leagues above fifa. Get the team names edited then ta sorted. FIFA feels pathetic and robotic and doesn't flow. Feels nothing like football, pro evo batters it. Id compare it Anthony Joshua v Gary Cornish for any boxing fans