GameSpot: Parasite Eve Impressions

One of the surprising unveilings at Square Enix's DK Sigma3713 party was that The Third Birthday will be making its way to the PSP. This third installment in the Parasite Eve series was originally announced as a mobile phone game last summer, but the developers apparently decided that Sony's handheld would be a good platform as well.

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Silly Poor Xbots4358d ago

OMG, enough with the psp exclusives, put it on the PS3!

pwnsause4358d ago

no. this game is not appropriate for PS3. This was a game that was intended for use on the Cell Phone, but moved Development on the PSP, where it should be. PSP has to get some of the credit. its nice to see that the PSP is getting the recognition it deserves. with those 4 games that Sauare is going to release on the PSP, its going to eat some Market Share from the DS. Dont you agree?

Seraphemz4358d ago

Cant wait for this game... loved the first one. Good to hear the PSP is getting some love.

Im sure that if this does well, we'll see a PS3 Parasite Eve in some form.

MK_Red4358d ago

Holy moly ZOMG! Awesome. Now this is one PSP game to kill for. LOVED the originals on PSone.

meepmoopmeep4358d ago

yeah me too! PSP is great by me,

but i would LOVE if they bring out a PE game with this gen platform tech (minus Wii)

MK_Red4358d ago

Agreed, anything but mobile would be welcome.

As for next-gen version, I absolutly, positively and completely agree with you. Parasite Eve is "The cinematic RPG". It should be on PS3 and 360 with HD cinemas and stunning visuals. Still, PSP is a great system and better than mobile.

Shioka4358d ago

I'll be waiting for it!!

Jsynn74358d ago

Can someone please tell me what the HUGE "shocking" surprise was at DK Sigma3713 and please do not tell it was either Parasite Eve for the PSP or The playable demo of FFXIII on FF:AV complete. That would be absolute BS.

Ghost_Helmet4358d ago

nope those were the announcement also ff agito for psp

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