Letter to the Editioner, 22/09/15: “Dear Sony” Edition

Listen, I recognize listicles for the frivolous things they are, and the absence of numbers in this one is a weak attempt to cloak said identity. However, it’s not a top-ten list, which I think would have warranted some embarrassment. Plus®, I’ve got more than fun on my mind: I want more people to experience the following games, and I want the people responsible for them to experience more attention (and money).

Once again, I’ve decided to remiss myself to the term “franchise” when necessary, a term which is both delicious and discomforting. I want Sony to think of these older titles as opportunities anew, as they have with God of War III, The Nathan Drake Collection, and Gravity Rush among others. The latter of these the publisher has surprisingly already taken initiative of green-lighting a sequel for, despite the remastered original not set to arrive until next year.

For now, I’d like to talk about what I’d like to be more talked about, and “exclusively on Playstation 4” I suppose, as most everything of late seems to be. Whether it’s a remaster, a remake, or a relaunch, these are games deserving a springboard by way of a fresh edition.

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