5 Current generation games you need to stop ignoring

Sagamer: Every ‘next’ generation of gaming comes with its fair share of hiccoughs and it often feels as though the really hard hitting games take a few years to get released. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t great games already though, just that you might have to look between the ‘lines’ for them. Often, when I have a discussion with a fellow gamer, I find that they have completely ignored certain games for whatever reason, and some seem to be quite common. So I thought I’d mention 5 of those games that seem to be ignored by many, as games that you should really give a try.

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luckytrouble1119d ago

I don't own an Xbox One or a Wii U, nor do I play pretty much any sports titles. Destiny doesn't really interest me because I'm not a multiplayer focused gamer, and I got my fill of LEGO games long, long ago. Thanks anyways, list. At the least, even if I may never play them, I know people should get Sunset Overdrive and Bayonetta 2 if they own the right systems. I hear Destiny is stellar since the new expansion too, so multiplayer shooting loving gamers, rejoice.

ninsigma1119d ago

Sso was awesome and didn't get the credit it deserved. It was such a fun game to play with some interesting characters.
Destiny is just incredible now. I liked it before but the new expansion along with the 2.0 update rocks. Having a blast, especially since joining a clan. Good times.
Don't care for basket ball and didn't like the look of the first bayonetta so not bothered with the second. Any logo game is good! Can't go wrong with those! :D

jb2271119d ago

SSOD was the first game that made me want an XBO, QB will be the next, and Halo 5 is looking like some great fun. Never had a 360 so BC is great for people like me, I've always wanted to try Alan Wake from last gen. I think games like Sunset will get more praise over time as gamers like myself are able to make an XBO purchase. I had to go PS4 right off the bat because Uncharted is my favorite franchise of all time, but I'm pumped to get to play SSOD and all of the other great games that'll be around by the time I'm able to pick one up. Hopefully the NX will be decently priced w/ solid Wii U bc so I can jump on all of those great games at some point as well.

ninsigma1118d ago

Sso was part of the reason I wanted xbo as well. Along with ori.

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poppinslops1119d ago

Sunset Overdrive is so damn entertaining - especially once you start to get good at it... air-dashing into a wall run before leaping into an undergrind and shooting 3 scabs in the face before hitting the ever-so-bouncy ground might be the purest form of fun I've had since this gen began.

And the wardrobe is nuts!
Never thought I'd spend so much time 'playing Dolly' with a videogame character, but it ended up eating almost half of my time... I played as a skinny blonde glamtrash babe (hilariously voiced by the actress who portrayed 'Artemis' on Young Justice) and she looked legitimately great - nothing at all like the Douchebag from the commercials.

Fro_xoxo1119d ago

Sunset is a definite buy..
It is highly recommended.

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