Console Hacking

A long time ago, someone laid some ground rules. These rules stated that companies would make as many electronic components as they could, and then reincarnate these same physical components into as many more expensive devices as possible. By doing this, the companies could then add features to their hardware that had been intentionally turned off in earlier revisions of the hardware or software, making the unsuspecting public pay for an upgrade for which had essentially identical physical electronics. The world wouldn't knowingly stand for such behaviour for long.

It is no wonder console hacking has become such a popular concept for so many. Why wouldn't you want your console to be able to do more?

Before Atomic go any further, they need to get something straight. They aren't going to teach you to modify your console to play pirated games here. Sorry folks. You walked into the wrong freakshow tonight. If you want that kind of thing, go elsewhere. They are about the hardware, software and technology, not wrecking the games industry that both entertains and employs them! This article is about exploration, understanding and above all else, the passion within the technology. You have been warned.

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