Man who led police on high-speed chase admits he learned to drive on his Playstation

A man from Lincolnshire who has been jailed for leading officers on a 100mph chase through Grantham admitted to police that he learned to drive on his Playstation.

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crazychris41241753d ago

I learned how to build cities in Simcity. Now Im not allowed within 150 miles of Detroit.

uth111753d ago

If only he had learned to drive using NFS Rivals, he would have learned to outrun all those cops and escape! :P

Rimeskeem1753d ago

Get a mixture of GT and NFS Rivals and you got about the closest thing to real life running away from the cops as you can get :P

FoxyGotGame1752d ago

Learned to drive a real automobile on his PlayStation? That's it, we gotta ban those Game Boxes ...don't you see, they're destroying the moral fiber of our perfect society /s

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TheLoCoRaven1752d ago

Well that explains the cop yelling L2! L2!!!

Ace Killa 081752d ago

I'd believe the bastard if he said he bought a logitech racing wheel or If he actually slowed down in the corner and started to accelerate after he hit the apex.

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The story is too old to be commented.