How to Fix SOMA Crashes, Errors, Freezes, Won't Start, Black screen, Sound, and other Issues

SOMA gamers have reported crashes, errors, freezes, bugs and glitches in the game. Here's Crash Wiki's definitive list of working fixes for you to try.

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gamejohn00x1751d ago

just what i need thanks!!

Justiceleague1750d ago

Sounds like I have to wait for a patch. I wonder if this is affecting the PS4 version as well

Monkeycan81750d ago

It can get pretty slow at some points on PS4 even some stuttering which ended up making the game crash last night.

That being said its an amazing experience that I am enjoying thoroughly.

Justiceleague1750d ago

Any word of Frictional games working on a patch?

Monkeycan81750d ago

None that I know of. But I am sure they know and are working on it.