Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS will have "effect limitations" depending on 3D model

It's confirmed that Hyrule Warriors Legends will have better game play on the New Nintendo 3DS; where older models won't support 3D.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1744d ago

Makes sense, and it's better than trying to force it and making the game suffer from lag as a result.

stragomccloud1743d ago

I'm not sure if I'll get the 3ds version; however, man did I love the Wii U version. Soooo many hours poured into that game.

akaFullMetal1743d ago

Wow no 3d for 3ds unless you have the new 3ds. That's pretty crappy for 3ds owners.

3-4-51743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Not really since I've owned 3DS since 2012 and have used it(3D effect) for maybe a total of 2 minutes....tops.

Pookandpie1743d ago

I mean, this is at least better than it being New 3DS only like Xenoblade, since this can at least reach a wider audience.

There are a fair number of 3DS games you can't even play with 3D on because it makes the frame rate drop through the floor (Senran Kagura Burst, Code of Princess, to name a couple), so this is better than the opposite end of the spectrum, as well.

This is the happy medium, it seems.

Trolltroll1743d ago

True and sad... Xenoblade was a great game. It failed to sell twice.

Pookandpie1742d ago

I know, but I absolutely love that game.