Video Game Voice Actors' Strike Could Be Imminent; David Hayter and Many Others Lend Their Support

Chris Mawson writes: "Some of our favourite games could soon sound very different indeed, as a number of prominent voice over artists are currently voting in a general ballot with the SAG-AFTRA, the largest union that represents video game actors, on possible strike action following stalled negotiations over performance bonuses and worker rights."

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timmyp531123d ago

Honestly this could be a good thing if anything. Need some fresh faces/voices ...As for franchised games probably not so much.

FriedGoat1122d ago

Totally, I'm sick of hearing Troy Baker in every game I play.

KurtRussell1122d ago

At least he can change his voice somewhat, unlike Nolan North. Now that guy and his annoying nasal voice are way overused in games.

ShinMaster1122d ago

@ KurtRussell

Not true.

And there are more games where you wouldn't even know he was in because he wasn't directed to use a natural tone of voice.

TheTwelve1122d ago

Yeah --- voice acting has never really made or broke a game for me.

3-4-51122d ago

* I'll work for 25% of what they make.

iceman061122d ago

Scab!!! LOL I know what ya mean, though.

garrettbobbyferguson1122d ago

If anything this could mean we'll see more Rare-style takes on voices. The Ex Rare devs voiced all their own characters.

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fitfox1123d ago

is nolan north part of the strike?

TheRedButterfly1122d ago

After what he did to Dinklebot...

ThunderPulse1122d ago

@TheRedButterfly Northbot > Dinklebot

Eliseo6761123d ago

"Video game companies have put forward a list of proposals of their own, including being able to fine performers $2,500 for instances of ‘inattentiveness’ and lateness."

Well, this could get out of hand incredibly fast if applied.

_-EDMIX-_1122d ago

lol yes! Yo boy looking to SCAB!!!

DJustinUNCHAIND1123d ago

So someone besides Nolan North and Troy Baker will get some work in?

UltraNova1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

hahaha nice one...its one of those win & lose situations here for sure...

PhucSeeker1122d ago

It'll be nice if it works out like that. Love the 2 guys but i'm tired of hearing their main voices they used in most games.

X-231123d ago

Funny...seems like the very thing Guy Cihi was trying to convey, when speaking about the legal problems he had with Konami, but I guess since Troy Baker and the others where replacing the old Silent Hill team with just their voices (not the mocap) what Guy was saying didn't mean diddly.

Hypocrisy is real.

In the end though this might just work against them. I don't think they'll hesitate to get fresh talent in the booth if it means cutting a few cost and I honestly feel like new talent getting exposure is a good thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.