Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is 2nd Most Awaited Game In US, Fallout 4 Is 1st

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 was overthrown by Fallout Shelter 4 as the most anticipated video game that people in the US want to buy next. GameStop has also confirmed that there is a huge demand for Black Ops 3 compared to past titles from the franchise.

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SpaceRanger1125d ago

Glad to see Fallout and Battlefront up there contending with COD.
Definitely my own most anticipated games for the remaining portion of this year!

Rimeskeem1125d ago

skipping CoD for the other ones this year.

SourtreeDing1125d ago

COD, Fallout, and RB6:seige for me

Dirtnapstor1125d ago

BKops3 looks so good. I'm tempted but I'm going to pass this time. Redboxing it for sure though. Wanting to play the story. I played the beta and really enjoyed it, but like the last round I won't stick with it.
Definitely anticipating BF in November.

venom061124d ago

DEFINITELY BATTLEFRONT for me.. Cant wait for this one..

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Foehammer1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Good to see Halo and Mario standing out as exclusives in a sea of eight 3rd party games.

I have 9 of the 10 on my Christmas wish list.

Happy Holidays for all

theshredded1125d ago

Really?! maybe it's in the US only but Fallout's hype pretty much took a huge dive after MGSV released, and PlayStation's not even hyping it up in its montage videos. It's safe to say COD will come up on top again

andibandit1125d ago

Really hope that BO3 is nothing like Advanced Warfare

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The story is too old to be commented.