WWE 2K16: Devs Comment on Lack of ‘Highlight Reel’ Replay Editor, Inaccurate Divas Attire

Chris Mawson writes: "While upcoming pro wrestling sim WWE 2K16 will include a number of returning features to the series, the popular Highlight Reel replay editor will not be among them, developer 2K Games has confirmed."

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gangsta_red1121d ago

Jeeez, they just can't get this game right.

UKmilitia1121d ago

wasnt this a half assed mess last year too?

CerebralAssassin1121d ago

Yes. That game was shit last year and this isn't looking much better. You can't remove match types that have been in the games for year and expect a positive response. Yeah there's 120 different wrestlers to choose from but who the hell wants to play as Brian Pillman, or Stunning Steve. Seriously? Then nix up and coming wrestlers like the four hoursewomen. 2k should just give up.