Valve's Dan Ginsburg: "Not much reason to ever create a DX12 back end for your game", Praises Vulkan

At this year’s SIGGRAPH event, Valve’s Dan Ginsburg talked a bit about the new upcoming APIs that will offer low-level access to the GPU and CPU, thus improving performance in games, DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

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LifeInNZ1121d ago

I have no time for Valve's antics or opinion. They spent much of last gen slagging off the PS3 till they realised they could make money off of it. Their SteamBox has yielded nothing but a niche cottage industry which fails to offer PC gaming anything new...maybe if they had pushed it a lot harder but now that Windows 10 is out the majority couldnt care less.

They need to shut up and earn the respect of the gaming community again by releasing games that push boundaries once again. There is only so long you can cling on to the Half Life, and to a lesser extent, the Portal legacy.

r2oB1121d ago

I don't think Windows 10 is going to impact Steam any different than Origin and uPlay did. Valve as a service provider are in a different boat than as a publisher/developer/manufactur er.

mixelon1121d ago

Umm.. Steam? I think they've earned the respect of the gaming community well enough. The PS3 thing was a blip to them, and it really wasn't worth their time in the early years when the devkits and documentation were a confusing mess.

solar1121d ago

"They spent much of last gen slagging off the PS3 till they realised they could make money off of it."

so you are going to cry because Valve didnt like a platform? i wish i had such trivial crap to be angry at when i was a kid.

LifeInNZ1121d ago

I hate people that make assumptions like the one you did. Assuming I'm a kid because my dislike for Valve over their lack of support for PS3. I didn't even have a PS3 until later on but I did not appreciate how Valve behaved towards Sony or the PS3. I'm a gamer first and foremost and I welcome objective criticism or discussion from anyone in the industry or from a fellow gamer...valve gave neither and showed a real lack of professionalism.

solar1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Kids get upset about what you are upset about. I'm sure you are a good mate, but is that issue really worth being upset over?

I have a ps3, launch 60gb I'm fearful will break. The PS3 launch was a disaster. It was way too expensive, low install base, a new way to program with the CELL, so Valve wasnt fond of it. Why do people believe just because a console exists EVERY developer has to make games for it? Fuck people grow up.

1381121d ago

"i wish i had such trivial crap to be angry at when i was a kid."

My time on the internet in a nut shell.

Truthandreason1121d ago

The Steam Box push hasn't even started yet...

solar1121d ago Show
LifeInNZ1120d ago


So, attacking the person rather than discussing the comment makes you more of an adult. Really?

KurtRussell1121d ago

They have done more for gaming than any other developer, so i think u are the one that needs to shut up. They have respect of everybody except whiny people like you. And i don't think they miss it.

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uth111121d ago

I'm sure the thought gives MS heartburn, but API competition is good for the rest of us.

rainslacker1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

A single unified API accessible across all platforms would be much better for the consumers, or at least the developers, than two competing API's which do pretty much the same thing, particularly when one of those platforms is tied to a single operating environment. DX12, while a great API, does lock developers into the Windows environment. OpenGL, and it's variants, are adaptable to a wide range of devices and environments, and is actually much more common than DX. For the devs that want to go cross platform, having competing API's means more work, which means more money.

TheCommentator1121d ago

I thought MS was trying to run Win10 across all types of devices, so by extension, wouldn't DX12 also be on those devices as well?

rainslacker1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

They are, and DX12 will run across all Windows enabled devices that are current enough. Not sure which versions of WinRT will get it, although it's being renamed Win10 as well except it's stripped down for the devices application.

However, OpenGL, or variants of it, are used on everything that isn't a Windows platform like iOS or Droid, or custom solutions. OpenGL is much more common, and not restricted to the MS platform. Since MS is actually the odd man out on many of those devices, it means they don't get quite as much support on them. Surface hasn't been bad, but their windows phone support from outside devs is abysmal. They get PC support for games due to Windows being the more common OS, which will trickle down to Xbox, and likely other devices, but overall, if MS weren't dividing the back end with their own API, it would be much easier for developers so they wouldn't have to convert as much code.

That's all I was getting at, and realistically, if MS allowed it, there is not much reason that DX12 couldn't be used on devices that aren't built on Windows...but I don't see them doing that as it kind of goes against their interests to support non windows applications.

My bigger point was that a single API is actually more beneficial to the developer, thus being better for the consumer. Not who made which API, or which one was better. Wasn't actually trying to knock MS or the OGL group.

freshslicepizza1121d ago

why would the people at valve praise windows 10 when they are trying to elevate steamboxes and promote linux?

Truthandreason1121d ago

They aren't praising Win 10 they are praising Vulcan which essentially brings "to the metal programming" but is not locked to one OS.

mozzie1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

except windows 10 is not "one OS" it's PCs, Xbox One, Tablets, Phones, HoloLens...

wellard1121d ago

Mozzie I think you will find that windows 10 is in actual fact one OS the other things you mentioned are not actually operating systems. They are different types of hardware.

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