Destiny: How to Unlock Hunter-Specific Exotic Hand Cannon

The Ace of Spades is a level 40 exotic hand cannon that only Hunters can wield. However, players won’t be finding this item through luck of the drop. That means no exotic farming will allow this beauty to become part of your ass-kicking arsenal. It should also be noted that this could end up taking some time to unlock, based on some form of dumb luck.

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Christopher1746d ago

Getting this tomorrow. Can't wait.

Side item: If you saved you old legendaries, they will count towards the dismantle portion of the quest. The 100 kills with telemetry is pretty easy. Just do patrol on the Dreadnaught. Done in almost no time just in that starter area since Hive and Cabal are endless. Start up some events if you have em, get some other rewards.

Tequila_Wolf1746d ago

I'm happy with how do-able it is. It's also kind of missable which is kind of nice so it's not like they are just giving the gun away. You have to put some effort in but not too much.

ChronoJoe1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Only problem I have with it is the design of the gun itself. It's just the same as an old vanguard revolver, repainted!

Also in terms of stats it's almost identical to the hawkmoon, with a worse exotic perk. :/

JeffGUNZ1745d ago

Any tips on quickly ranking up the gunsmith to level 3? How long did it take you to do so?

kmeck5181745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I would like to know too. The only way i know of for guaranteed rep is field testing the weapons every week. Other than that I've only gotten 2 of those drops that you turn in to him. I just got to rank 1 on monday.

Tequila_Wolf1745d ago

All that I've found is field testing weapons and randomly getting drops that you turn in to him. Overall it can be a drawn out process which is the worst part.

Christopher1745d ago

Do all the weapons each week, and get a little lucky with those item drops that you can turn in to raise faction.

I got lucky that last Tuesday they refreshed his stock early with 5 new weapons, so I got to do those as well as the usual Wednesday refresh weapons he has. Why I'm a sliver from rank 3.

ShadowKing-1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

i dont know if its just me, but bungie has really turned destiny around with this expansion, just seems like everytime i look on n4g or destiny forums, there a new exotic to be discovered doing x amount things with certain requirements, like the exclusive exotic for each class or only obtaining certain items from strikes and such. granted like everyone says "this is the way destiny should have been" but like we hope mosts devs will do is learn from there mistakes.

at least so far, i have not ran out of things to do, and im still rocking only my first toon.

JeffGUNZ1745d ago

Yeah man, went from possibly buying this to be addicted all over again. Game is awesome and I will be farming the hell out of the gusmith to get this handcannon.

hamzilla1741d ago

I was originally mixed on getting Taken King but I am so glad that I did now. This is now totally a great game. Much more to do now. The new sub-classes are freaking dope (love Force Lightning on my Warlock) And the exotic weapons that people keep coming up with make it more exciting to keep playing! Bungie I think you gained a ton of respect from me with this expansion. I may actually be looking towards the next big thing this game gives us.