Interview: EnvyUs On Playing CoD 4 Professionally

Pro gaming doesn't start when you enter your first competition or on the day you win your first tournament. It starts -- albeit unknowingly -- the first time you pick up a game controller. The thrills received from your first game are not unlike the thrills received by someone playing a sport for the first time. Every nuance is ingrained in your mind, driving you to continue the experience that eventually leads to the moment you go pro.

For most of the members in EnvyUs, a rising pro team that was formed last December, first-person shooters were a part of their initial gaming experience. "I have been gaming since I was able to operate a controller or keyboard with various games like: Counter-Strike and Golden Eye," said Daniel 'Fierce' Leeds, one of EnvyUs' four members. "I have been gaming competitively since the release of the original Halo game." Adds Tosh 'Stainville' McGruder, "I started gaming at a young age as well, gaming competitively with Halo in which I attended multiple professional events."

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Hellsvacancy4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

ever since the days of Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem to the present day, id like 2 join a competion like the one in the article im might bare that in mind - it was a good read