Are Open World Games Too Prevalent?

Stephen Little writes: "What a time to be alive. In my grandfather’s day, they had to walk for miles in the snow for anything. In my day, I had to walk a good ten minutes to get a bus, a linchpin in my otherwise neglected exercise regime. Now, in my child’s day, these kids are complaining about the walk their Dragonborn has to endure between Whiterun and Riften: a textbook case of first world problems if ever there was one.

The seeming resurgence of the “open world” game has brought problems such as these to light in the minds of many who could previously stomach little more than a short and conveniently located corridor to get anywhere. More games than ever are being developed and advertised as being open world. That this is making inroads into series that previously never employed the mechanic, is giving many pause for thought."

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isarai1217d ago

It's just the new trend just like the FPS was to last gen, though i really hope it doesn't linger as long. Love me some open world goodness but it's already getting old this gen.

never4get1217d ago

checking how many open world JRPGs.....nope, it's not prevalent.

Retroman1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

open world gaming got old for me after the "HYPE" died. 6 months later in 2006 open world gaming still linger on to this day, my enjoyment of gaming slowly dying because of games such as : Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid , Assasin Creed,Watch Dogs, The Witcher, Killzone , Battlefield company , Destiny . if video game industry die again open world gaming will do it. how loooong will video game industry hold other gaming Hostage?? buy up other studios to close them keep from having competition . so they can continue milking same (she-it) programing gamers mind (this what we developers ) want you to play ( military killing ) games .
illuminati mind control in video game industry as well. you play what "WE" want you to play , not what you hope for for years to play.

last ps3 game i've played R&C crack in time , R&C Tools of destruction,Rayman legend , Gran turismo 5, NFS Hotpursuit/ all my other favorites are on Snes, Ps1, Ps2 consoles where fun lives. each game not base on open world military gaming Yippy-yappy-yahhh-hoooooooooie !!

Simco8761217d ago

I think open world sandbox is what the industry is trending towards right now. I don't mind it, I find some better than others.

Anthotis1217d ago

It was the natural evolution of games, and i hope it becomes the standard.

Jughead34161217d ago

The only thing I don't like about all the open world games, is the fact that I don't have time to play them all. I would have to quit my job. Lol.

Eidolon1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Sometimes I just prefer good gameplay and story and a linear-ish path, too little time to focus on all these open world games, I'm surprised I beat Witcher 3 with 90% trophies, still need a Gwent playthrough.