Star Wars Battlefront: EA hasn't ruled out the possibility of mouse and keyboard support on consoles

The development team behind the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront reboot is still busy adding new content to the game despite the fact that the title is scheduled to release in two months. While EA and DICE have regularly shared details with fans on what to expect from the Star Wars Battlefront, the studio might also be holding on to a few surprises.

While tackling a new series of questions this week, EA might have possibly hinted at the developer’s desire to give console gamers the option of playing Star Wars Battlefront with a mouse and keyboard rather than their system’s respective controller.

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thekhurg1174d ago

Worst idea ever unless they split the community and don't allow keyboard/mouse users to play against controller users.

zep1174d ago

it is possible it was on unreal tournament 3 on ps3 if you play with Mouse/KB you will be match with players playing with Mouse/KB im not so sure though i might be wrong but that's what i remember and its been so long since i last played that game

nX1174d ago

If you want to play with m&k get the PC version, I don't understand why some want to ruin the balance for the controller players.

stuna11175d ago

Bring it on! And may the force be with you.

Perjoss1174d ago

I'd rather have a server browser.

nX1174d ago

Like, really... but it seems like the obvious things are too much to ask for in this game.

cfc831174d ago

Not for me. EA games are nooby enough as it is.

_LarZen_1174d ago

More options is always welcome! I've played Call of Duty on PC with a controller against people using mouse & keyboard. And it was no problem at all.

_LarZen_1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

I did and I had allot of fun. But keep in mind that you get matched with players with the same skill level as you. And there is aim assist when using a controller. Even on PC.

So I did not get matched with the best players. And when I did I had to take them by surprise to win a 1 vs 1. But most of the time against a really good mouse & keyboard user I did not have a chance. But then again I don't against a really good controller user either.. :)

But point being is that it's no problem. If you want to use a controller against mouse & keyboard users you will get match accordingly (most of the time). And have fun.

I was doing just as good as I would against players just using a controller. Most of the time anyways...don't have the reflexes the younger players have anymore :P

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