The Game Industry: What's Worth Collecting?

"It seems like almost every game hitting shelves has a special edition these days; collectors, deluxe, and premiums, oh my! Now, this isn’t all a bad thing. As gamers, we all have a touch of the bug in us. We want to support and represent our chosen realms of escapism like badges of honor. There is a drive for complete perfectionism in which we have every character playable, level unlocked, and trophy on the digital shelf. Don’t try to lie about it; we all know it." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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madcowzz1217d ago

I like to get hard copies of game series I really enjoy for a) playing and b) collection purposes. I'll only get a special edition of a game if it's a game I truly love (i.e. Batman: Arkham Knight I bought the steel grey PS4). Otherwise, the standard edition works fine with me.

chrisco84au1217d ago

Is that Battlefront edition real? Or another fake? Anyone have a link?

Thanks in advance.

Skate-AK1217d ago

Has way too much physical content and not enough digital codes for EA.

fitfox1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

collect the things you like, anything else is just hoarding.

rainslacker1217d ago

But I like games...and horde a lot I'll never play....

Some people just buy this stuff thinking that they can cash in, but most CE's don't really go up in value because no one is collecting them, just passing them around to the next speculator. Maybe 1 in 10 instantly goes up in value, 5 in 10 will take 10+ years to maybe get your money back plus some, and about another 4 in 10 will never be worth what people pay for them.

Skate-AK1217d ago

I bought the Collectors Edtion of Aliens CM because it was only $20 on Amazon, down from $80 I think. I was surprised at the sub-par quality of the mech suit fighting the Alien figure.

tanukisuit1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Finally, someone wrote about this! I was thinking about this for quite some time now.

I'm guilty of hoarding collector's editions. But from the short amount of experience I have, this is how I usually collect:

1) Depends on the developer (usually Blizzard/Bethesda/Naughty Dog stuff is hard to get before/after launch, so I usually buy ASAP).
2) Depends on how niche the game is (prime example: the last two known PSP games launching in North America by Gaijinworks).
3) "Limited Quantities" (this one is controversial - I know publishers may lie to hype up demand, but if the game is niche, you can kinda tell if you should buy).
4) Anything else I like (self-explanatory)

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