Seismic Mat Protecting PS4/Xbox One/Wii U from Intensity 7 Earthquakes Announced; See it in Action

People often think about protecting their consoles from dust, scratches and othher small accident, but what about an intensity 7 earthquake?

Japanese manufacturer Cyber Gadget actually did think about that, and teamed up with Pro 7 (well known in the country for this kind of product for other uses) to solve the problem.

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user99502791120d ago

my house is a smoldering wreck, but at least my Xbox One is ok.

Abriael1120d ago

Haha, well in Japan they have anti seismic houses too :D

molsen811120d ago

It would be nice if we had that in the Bay Area.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1120d ago

Won't do much good when the way overdue plate collapse hits, but hey they were saying that 50 years ago lol still hasn't hit

TheCommentator1119d ago

Now fat people can use Kinect without breaking the system!